Management Team

The executive team at Comfone combines a wealth of telecommunications and management experience with a focus on ensuring that Comfone’s services and apps lead the industry in value for money, quality and simplicity.

Executive Board

markus sager

Markus Sager
CEO and Marketing

Markus Sager, Comfone's Chief Executive Officer, graduated in Electrical Engineering prior to completing further postgraduate studies at the Lucerne University of Applied Science in Business Development and Management.

Following his work in Software Development and as Product and Sales Manager at EROWA AG, Markus Sager joined AGIE Sales Ltd. as Marketing & Sales Manager. He then was promoted to Managing Director of Agie Charmilles Sales Ltd, which is part of Georg Fischer Corporation.

In 2009 Markus Sager joined TOGEWA Consult AG, a subsidiary of TOGEWA Holding AG and partner of Comfone AG, as Managing Director for Business Plan Development. He gained in-depth knowledge of the mobile roaming business and all its global services.

In addition to his role as CEO of Comfone, Markus Sager is responsible for all Marketing related aspects of Comfone including development and implementation of all marketing activities.



jurg reber

Jürg Räber

After completing his commercial apprenticeship in Reinach AG, Jürg Räber, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Comfone, went on to study as an Accountant with a Federal Diploma of education and training at AKAD Zurich. Jürg completed his education by gaining accreditation as a Management Accountant with a Postgraduate Diploma of Higher Professional Education at SIB Zurich.

Following his education, Jürg worked for Implenia AG the leading construction and construction services company in Switzerland. His role at Implenia AG encompassed controlling and business administration management. Jürg's time at Implenia stretched across 23 years, during which he applied his skills across many different business areas.

In November 2013 Jürg joined Comfone as the Head of Accounting and Controlling, a position he held until August 2015. During this time, Jürg had the opportunity to familiarise himself with the roaming business and Comfone's service portfolio. In September 2015, Jürg was appointed as Comfone's CFO where he is responsible for managing and controlling Comfone's financial status and affairs.



hermann jaun

Hermann Jaun

Hermann Jaun, Comfone's Chief Technical Officer, graduated in Electrical Engineering and completed further postgraduate studies in Software Engineering. Having begun his career in hardware and software engineering, in 1989 he joined a software engineering firm where he was responsible for project development.

Before moving into the field of mobile communications, Hermann Jaun was responsible for developing a digital audio broadcasting system, which was introduced as an integrated solution to radio stations throughout Europe.

In his previous role at Comfone as Director of IT and Operations, he gained in-depth experience of all aspects of global roaming, from signalling, TAP file transfer and validation, fraud control, billing and management of roaming relations over Comfone's International Roaming Platform.

In his role, Hermann Jaun is responsible for the development of new services, including all infrastructure requirements enabling the operation and development of customer project.



laurent frelechoux

Laurent Freléchoux
EVP Carrier Services

Laurent Freléchoux, Comfone's Executive VP Carrier Services, graduated in Software Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne and then carried out an MBA at IMD, Lausanne.

Laurent began his professional career at NEC C&C Research Laboratories in Japan, he then joined IBM Research Laboratory, Zurich in the field of IP and mobile telecommunications. Laurent then carried out a consulting project with Vodafone Hungary as part of his MBA studies. In 2004, he joined Togewanet as Product Manager for the Weroam WiFi service and took over the product management of the Signalling service, and then the entire Carrier Service portfolio at Comfone AG.

Laurent was appointed Executive VP Carrier Services at Comfone in August 2013 and in this role is responsible for managing the product marketing and operations of Comfone's Carrier Service portfolio that include the Signalling, GRX and IPX services.



olivier bouchaud

Olivier Boucaud
EVP Sales

Olivier Boucaud, Comfone's Executive VP Sales, holds an Honors degree in Economics from the University of Salamanca and a Masters in International Business from the University of Poitiers.

Olivier's product sales experience ranges from various products and services in diverse industries, each time starting up and managing distribution channels in international markets.

His career brought him to Sweden and then to Switzerland where in 2003 he joined Togewanet as Sales Director for Western Europe. In 2007, he joined Comfone in order to develop sales in Europe and later led the EMEA sales team.

Olivier was appointed Executive VP Sales in May 2015 and now he drives Comfone's global sales operations and strategy.



Board of Directors

walter heutchi

Walter Heutschi
Chairman of the Board

Known throughout the telecommunications industry as a GSM technology promoter, Mr. Heutschi's vision and pioneering spirit led him to rise quickly through the ranks as a young man, marking his career with stories of challenge, courage and success.

His influence on mobile telephony in Europe has been significant, including his involvement in shaping the GSM standard for mobile communications and as one of the leading advocates of GSM and inter-standard roaming.

Having graduated as a Master in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration, Mr. Heutschi joined PTT, predecessor to Swisscom, where in 1992 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Mobile Telecommunications Unit. Under his leadership Swisscom's mobile-subscriber base grew from a handful to 2.5 million, making it the most profitable area of the ex-incumbent's business. At the beginning of 2000, Mr. Heutschi once more took up a new challenge. Together with three associates, Toni Stadelmann, Tobias Waldner and Géraldine Philippe, he acquired a majority stake in Comfone, a company specialising in roaming services for mobile operators, and founded the holding company, TOGEWA Holding. From this new beginning, further subsidiary companies sprang.

Continuing to prove his foresight and depth of perception, Mr. Heutschi and his colleagues launched TOGEWAnet's innovative WeRoam service in 2001, a service aimed at the young and fast growing technology of wireless LAN and an example of one of the many visionary patents held by TOGEWA Holding. In the fast-moving telecoms environment it is crucial to be forward-looking, aware of market demands and instrumental in developing new services for what is to come. Mr. Heutschi persists in being so.



geraldine philippe

Géraldine Philippe

Géraldine Philippe graduated as an Attorney at law from the University of Berne. Her education included practical experience as Court Clerk and Municipal Official. She then became Deputy Director of a financial institution in Zurich before joining Swisscom in 1995. Mrs. Philippe was responsible for building up the legal service at Swisscom Mobile, where she also gave general legal counsel and was in charge of all legal matters concerning the international mobile telecommunications business and mobile roaming. In 1997 she was instrumental in helping to shape the mobile regulations within the Telecommunications Act of Switzerland, which was under construction at that time.

From its early days, Mrs. Philippe participated as a member of the GSM Association's Legal Group, where she contributed to discussion on contractual and other legal issues relating to the international GSM standard.

Mrs. Philippe created the legal structure of each company of the TOGEWA Group. Today, all legal matters concerning the operation of TOGEWA Holding and its companies, the drawing up of contractual concepts for newly launched services, and the registration and management of copyright issues relating to all company patents, continue to be the responsibility of Mrs. Philippe.

Recognised as a legal specialist in all roaming matters, Mrs. Philippe's expertise is also sought after by international bodies requiring advice, expertise and consulting within the realm of roaming.



toni stadelmann

Toni Stadelmann

Toni Stadelmann graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1975. From 1975 to 1987 he held a number of management positions at Swisscom. After further extending his knowledge in the telecommunications industry and taking part in many mobile-service-related advanced training sessions, he took over various executive positions at Swisscom Mobile, including Head of Planning, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Director of International Business and Deputy Director.

From the very inception of the GSM standard in mobile communications, Mr. Stadelmann has been an active member in organisations associated with the international standardisation of GSM and its worldwide promotion. He played an important part in the foundation of the GSM Association and he was elected to the Executive Committee of the GSMA from 1996 to 2002.

The focus of his activities has been to make the implementation of worldwide roaming quicker and easier. Among other things, as chairman of the Inter-Standard Roaming Task Force he introduced the controlled opening of the GSM Association to roaming to other mobile standards, which with the formation of the GSM Global Roaming Forum represents an important milestone in the development of worldwide mobile communications.

It is Mr. Stadelmann's vision to achieve seamless, secure and open roaming between all mobile standards (GSM, 3G, WLAN, etc), bringing the entire industry to a new and profitable surge in development.