Welcome SMS
Increase revenue and loyalty relationships
Welcome SMS
Welcome SMS increases transparency and loyalty relationships with customers
What is Welcome SMS?
Welcome SMS services allow subscribers to receive information about the network they have registered in, tariffs for main services in the visited network and useful information about the country they are in. The business value lies not only in reaching out the roamers informing them about tariff plans but also in commercial promotions and innovative services.
Key Benefits for Roamers
  • Awareness of special roaming offers/tariffs available to the roamer.
  • Reduction of customer "bill shock" by actively communicating the retail tariffs in the visited countr.y
  • Reduction of “unintentional roaming” in border areas by informing the customer when he/she is connected to specific foreign networks.
  • Help to make call abroad (e.g. indication of the international dial prefix) and facilitate the usage of the roaming services.
  • Increase the transparency and trust of the roamers with their MNOs.
Hosted and Managed Solution
Comfone solution is easy to deploy with no impact on existing operators’ infrastructure. The Welcome SMS systems are co-located with Comfone STPs for optimal traffic routing.and much better cost efficiencies than an on-site solution.
Comprehensive Web report and provisioning with seamless access via Pulse.
Figure 1: Comfone 3rd Party Application Setup
Current 3rd Party Application Suppliers for Welcome SMS
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