Financial Tracker
Transparency across all financial transactions

Based on real-time data from Comfone’s FC system

The administration of multiple accounts and currencies is one of the challenges of managing finance in the roaming department. Taking this challenge into account, Comfone’s Financial Tracker provides full transparency for every single Financial Clearing transaction based on real-time data from Comfone’s Financial Clearing system, combined with all of the data from Credit Suisse bank accounts.


Introducing ePayments

- Real-time handling of financial clearing payments


ePayments is the newest feature offered as part of the Financial Tracker app.


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Mauro Mele
Mauro Mele

ePayments was 100% developed in-house here at Comfone and has been fully customized to meet the requirements of our customer base. The app offers the familiar functionalities of an eBanking service and is fully embedded into Comfone’s existing Pulse infrastructure.

Get full control

ePayments puts the user in the driver seat, giving them full control of when payments are made and to which operator partner. This can all be done with absolute flexibility, at any time of the month without the limitations of payment cycles.


ePayments offers the familiar functionalities of an eBanking service. This user-friendly setup does not require any additional system login and allows the user to move freely between ePayments and other apps within Pulse.
Payment security
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