FC Key2roam - Invoicing, Settlement & Payment

FC Key2roam enhances the Key2roam Hub members’ service experience by simplifying the invoicing, settlement and payment processes for transactions associated with the Hub. The Key2roam Hub is in the TAP flow and therefore has direct access to all data clearing information related to TAP/RAP files exchanged on the public interface between the Client Operator (Key2roam member) and Key2roam itself.

Leveraging on this setup, Comfone has made the financial clearing functionalities of its own FCA available to the Key2roam environment, thereby allowing the Key2roam Member to further optimise the roaming Hubbing processes.

Key2roam Invoicing Settlement Payment

Figure 1: Key2roam Invoicing, Settlement & Payment



Streamline the clearing processes

FC Key2roam streamlines the clearing processes associated with the TAP/RAP exchange in the Key2roam environment without jeopardising any of the advantages derived from using a financially liable roaming hub such as Key2roam.

The service provides simplified access to multiple destinations, networks and services via a single technical, operational and commercial relation. By reducing complexity and costs for operators. Comfone Key2roam allows operators to focus on their core competencies without losing any know-how or control.

Based on such data clearing information, Comfone will generate a Multi Network Invoice on a monthly base:

  • On behalf of the Client Operator, one receivable invoice from the Client Operator to Comfone AG for the roaming traffic generated by the HPMNs subscribers during the invoice period.
  • On behalf of Key2roam, one payable invoice from Key2roam to the Client Operator for the roaming traffic generated in the VPMNs network during the invoice period.

The two MNI’s are then netted off against each other and the net debtor resulting from the netting process (i.e. Key2roam or the Client Operator) will settle the due amount by means of a single payment in the applicable settlement currency.

FC Key2roam Dashboard

Figure 2: FC Key2roam Dashboard screenshot



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