Instant Access to your Key2roam Platform Setup

The Key2roam Gateway is a key element of the Key2roam Platform and represents the technical infrastructure that facilitates all services. The app of the same name provides access to the Key2roam Gateway via Pulse.

key2roam platform

Figure 1: The Key2roam Gateway as key element of the Key2roam Platform



Access to Key2roam Gateway Configuration

Get insights on the optimised IR.21 / IR.85 database

Another great asset of the Key2roam Gateway App is the integrated access to the IR.21 / IR.85 database. Within the various tables you will find what is configured within our systems or be able identify a roaming partner in case you only have partial information at hand.

k2r gateway2

Figure 2: Connection Overview tab within the Key2roam Gateway App



A multitude of data and features at your fingertips

The Key2roam Gateway provides instant access to the current configuration of the network functions – the Key2roam Platform service engines. The App simplifies the Roaming Coordinators’ daily business by presenting the data in a user-friendly, easily accessible format, including but not limited to:

  • Connection status per partner network and service
  • Current setup based on optimised IR.21 data
  • List of barred IMSIs

In addition to that the App provides some helpful features that include:

  • Search functionality to lookup partner networks
  • Direct integration to other Apps e.g. Signalling Tracing



Quick Search and integrated Shortcuts

Get your questions answered within seconds

On the home page of the Key2roam Gateway App you will find a smart shortcut leading you directly to various available tools within the Pulse environment, providing deep insight into what you’ve been looking for. A key element of the site is the Quick Search function that allows users to perform a search for different network information and will guide them directly to the relevant data record in the IR.21 / IR.85 database or the corresponding roaming connection, if available.

k2r gateway2

Figure 3: Integration with Signalling Tracing App



Analyse your Setup

Connections – What is commercial and what is currently under implementation or testing?

The Key2roam Gateway App presents a global list of all networks that have a connection with your company via the Key2roam Platform. Using the filtering, sorting detail drill-down features on the grid allows users to quickly analyse their current setup and status of a particular connection.

k2r gateway4

Figure 4: Connection Overview tab within the Key2roam Gateway App



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