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A new level of integration

Pulseforce, the integrated Roaming Management System app offers users full transparency of their setup live data from Comfone’s service layers.

 Administer your own roaming managementAdminister your own roaming management
Pulseforce offers an embedded roaming management tool – a powerful and flexible data management application – which gives users the possibility to setup and manage their own roaming management data within Pulse:

  • Manage your own roaming data from region setup down to single connections
  • Create views/reports ad hoc and export them for further use
  • See associated setup and live data from Comfone’s services and make comparisons


pulseforce dashboard



Daniel Stähli
Daniel Stähli

With Pulseforce Premium, Comfone’s all-in-one roaming management tool you leave the battle with excel sheets and multiple tools behind you.
The powerful and fully customisable tool makes roaming management simple and user-friendly. Positive customer feedback received from a number of customers, including a tier one operator has confirmed this.

The complete picture


Roaming partners and their networks

Setup the roaming world as they see it. Manage roaming partners and their networks in their preferred way.


Service implementations & agreement contracting

Have full control of your service implementations and your agreement contracting. Each service (per direction) and agreement is stored as a connection.

  • Edit data in lists like in Excel (Cell edit)
  • Multiple users can modify the same record simultaneously

Easy to use

Comfone’s Pulseforce provides users with an overview of all Accounts, Contacts, Networks and Relations. Discover new opportunities, monitor your roaming relations down to the finest detail and interact with the growing Pulse community.

Customise & export views/reports

A multitude of possibilities is available to create views/reports ad hoc, with data from all tables (Regions, Countries, Accounts, Networks and Connections). Export views/reports to Excel precisely as displayed.

Premium offering

These features are provided with Pulseforce Premium – the enhanced and fully customisable roaming management tool.

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