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What we do

We live in a connected world. Whether you are chatting to loved ones overseas, or depending upon connected healthcare devices, reliable connectivity is essential. 

At Comfone, we have more than 25 years of experience connecting people and things across the entire world. Our roaming services help billions of subscribers to stay connected when it really counts. 

Who we are

We are a privately owned company based in Bern, Switzerland. Our multicultural team of roaming experts provide dependable, high quality roaming services to the ever-expanding international roaming community. We support our customers in every part of the roaming process, and whether you are a new entrant into the market or an established operator, we can help you get the most out of your business.

Our Customers

Through our Key2roam Platform, we supply a complete portfolio of services and solutions to more than 600 customers worldwide. These include MNOs, MVNOs, SMS A2P Providers, IoT/ M2M Solution Providers, OTT Web Service Providers and a range of new actors who wish to enter the roaming world.

Are you looking for synergies and benefit from a unique ecosystem?
Are you able to access all roaming services in one place? 

The Key2roam Platform integrates a complete portfolio of services, apps and Value Added Services (VAS) required to build a profitable roaming business. It is built upon a solid foundation integrating the core IPX, Clearing and Hubbing services, thus enabling the seamless transport of Signalling, Data roaming and Clearing traffic. The data streams flowing from our range of roaming services and VAS create the possibility for powerful Big Data and other cross-analytical tools.

Key2roam Platform


IPX Services

Comfone offers a complete portfolio of first class IPX roaming and interworking services including SS7 and Diameter/LTE Signalling, GRX/IPX and a wide range of VAS and apps.

Clearing Services

Comfone’s Clearing services incorporate Data Clearing, Financial Clearing, NRTRDE and a range of VAS and apps. Phoenix is the latest service in Comfone’s portfolio, designed to fully support the new BCE standard processes as defined by GSMA and thus qualifying Comfone as a BCE Provider. Benefit from Swiss precision, quality and 100% GSMA compliance.

Key2roam Hub

Seamlessly integrated into the Key2roam Hub, Comfone’s Roaming Hub offers first class technical expertise, a superior market reputation, value for money, flexibility and transparency. Boasting more than 480 connected networks, the Key2roam Hub is the best option for fast tracked global roaming coverage available in the market today.

Data Management Service

Combining all sources of core service data offers valuable insights into both the operational and commercial performance of your roaming business via user-friendly, interactive apps.

Comfone’s state-of-the-art Data Management Service, seamlessly integrated into the Key2roam Platform, is your solution to future growth and increased profitability of your roaming business.

M2M End2End Monetisation

Comfone’s M2M End2End Monetisation service combines all of the Key2roam Platform service layers, enabling you to visualise the M2M traffic in your network, analyse the data to apply appropriate charging per device, and then highlight the business potential to help you monetise your roaming business by finding new revenue streams.

Sponsored Roaming Services

Sponsored Roaming ensures a rapid time-to-market for the launch of international roaming services for MNOs and MVNOs. With instant access to a global roaming coverage for Voice, SMS and Data Services, including LTE.

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IPX Services

Are reliability, confidence and flexibility as important to you as they are to us?
Our IPX is a highly secure, multiple protocol and fast switching network that you can confidently rely on to transparently and resiliently connect you to your roaming partners. We provide a large number of CSPs industry leading SS7, Diameter/ LTE, 5G Signalling and GRX services as well as various monitoring and reporting tools. Using the latest technology to provide a solid, dependable base, we offer a fully redundant, geo-distributed solution. With our PoPs located around the world, you can easily connect to us or we can connect to you wherever you are.

Data Clearing

Are you looking to outsource your workload while keeping control of your service?
Rated as the best in business since 2013, our Data Clearing service offers Swiss precision and quality. Benefitting from over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we play an active role in defining requirements with GSMA, meaning our services are fully GSMA and GDPR compliant, cutting-edge, fast and customer oriented.

Financial Clearing

Are you looking for a service that is as simple to use as online banking?
Our FC service combines a fully technical approach with individual customised, flexible solutions. We have a wide portfolio of applications, giving you the autonomy to take FC services into your own hands with reassurance that we are here to support you. You are given the opportunity to treat the service similarly to your own personal online banking, creating simple solutions to reduce complexity.


Are you looking for a service to fully support the BCE processes?
Phoenix has been designed to assist you through the transition from TAP to BCE. It will bring a new era of simplicity, flexibility, integration and scalability into roaming. We actively participate in the design of BCE standards at GSMA level and have already launched the service with the first live connections. With Phoenix, you benefit from the expertise of people who have worked on the process since its inception.

Key2roam Hub

Are you connected with every country in the world?
We are the world’s largest roaming Hub. With over 480 networks and 30,000+ GSM connections, this represents more connections than all other Roaming Hubs combined. The Key2roam Hub provides excellent technical expertise, a superior market reputation, value for money, flexibility and transparency. We offer you worldwide connectivity with a quick time to market.

Data Management Service

Are you making the most of your data?
Our Big Data service provides the business intelligence required for the future growth of your roaming business. Each company is unique, and our team members work as consultants on a case-by-case basis to find the best outcome for your business. Our DMS utilises your Big Data to identify gaps in the market to monetise your roaming services, creating opportunities for future revenue growth.

M2M End2End Monetisation

Are you looking for extra revenue?
With the rise of M2M devices, this service can help you find new revenue streams and get the payments that you deserve. Our M2M End2End Monetisation service is a culmination of the Key2roam Platform, utilising all service layers in order to help you visualise your data, analyse it for extra revenue and then monetise the M2M traffic in your network, providing you with a truly end-to-end process.

Sponsored Roaming Solution

Do you have the coverage that you need?
We have pre-integrated Dual- or Multi-IMSI Sponsored Roaming solutions, providing full, immediate roaming coverage. We help MVNOs to increase roaming coverage by creating opportunities for you to bring your ideal sponsors or acting as a facilitator to help you find a sponsor. For MNOs, we help you to find new revenue streams by facilitating the connection between you as a sponsor and your partner MVNOs and IoT MVNOs.


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