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QLab is a smartly designed app allowing operators to perform remote QoS tests for their subscribers whilst they are roaming abroad, helping to improve the overall roaming experience of subscribers. It integrates the SIGOS GlobalRoamer system into Pulse using Restful API to deliver valuable information related to each test, notably PCAP and CDR.


400 tumb up

Quality of Service tests available

  • Voice Quality
  • HTTP Browser
  • Location Update


400 qlab value added

Value added

QLab is a value added app, facilitating business growth and profitability by improving the quality of service and customer experience whilst reducing churn.


400 qlab pulse managed

Easy administration

QLab is fully assimilated within Pulse and access is managed by the Pulse administrator within an organisation.


400 lte

LTE ready

QLab fully supports 2G, 3G and LTE, and is fully integrated within both the Signalling Tracing and CDR Tracing apps.



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