4 tips for providing great customer service

The aim of this blog post is to explain the skills and techniques that I have learnt over the years as well as the way that I use them to provide great customer service.

My background is actually in hotel management, and although this might sound worlds away from the roaming business, I find that many of the skills I learnt in my studies are applicable to the roaming industry. My career journey has seen me move from a Financial Consultant to a Roaming Manager, and I believe that this pathway has allowed me to grow and develop further to provide even better customer service!

Part of my job is to moderate two participating parties in order to negotiate tariffs and guide our customers through network implementations. This means at the end of the day all involved operators will be able to provide roaming services to their subscribers such as voice, CAMEL, data, 3G/4G/5G & VoLTE paired with a coherent DIOTs. Are you interested in finding out more about this service? Click here for more information.

Here are some hints and tips which I have learnt so far in my career which I believe add up to great customer service:

Customer service

1. Communication

In any job, providing the best customer service means listening to the needs of customers in order to understand requirements. In my role as a Roaming Manager I am responsible for coordinating and connecting MNOs worldwide with each other through the Key2roam Hub. I am in charge of guiding our customers through the implementations as smoothly as possible, and fully understand the importance of their success.

2. Empathy

3. Multitasking

Customers are all VIPs, and the key to best customer service is to treat each customer as if they are the only one. As a Roaming Manger, I enjoy going the extra mile for my customers and managing my time affectively to ensure the highest customer satisfaction for all ongoing projects.

4. Passion

Having a positive, enthusiastic and ‘can-do’ attitude is vital in business. I have been working at Comfone for over 8 years, and during that time have taken on a lot of different job roles and responsibilities. The reason I have stayed so long is that I have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the role, and really care about achieving results for my customers! I believe that with a willingness to go the extra mile, I can really create great successes and encourage fantastic customer service through a shared Comfone vision. 

With these tips, customer service should be a breeze! Why not check out our video of customer feedback to see how we put our words into action.

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About the author

Florian Bossert

Roaming Manager at Comfone since 2018-01. As a father of 2 young girls, he is used to trouble shooting. He likes to watch and practice all kind of sports. He is a big fan of BSC YB (the Bernese soccer club). Food wise, he is super excited when it comes to south east Asian cuisine and therefore loves to travel all over the world. His hotspot currently is Vietnam. For a next delicious PhoBo he would definitely go to great expense.

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