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Rodney Gaines

rodney gaines

Rodney Gaines

Where are you from and how did you end up at Comfone?

I was born in the United States, and have spent the past 27 years living abroad. In that time, I’ve held a number of positions with different mobile telecommunications vendors and providers. Comfone was an ideal career step for me.


What do you do at Comfone?

I’m responsible for sales activities and customer account management in Western Europe.


What about Comfone do you love most?

From my first day on the job I’ve been impressed by the highly professional and pragmatic approach at Comfone. I sense that everyone here works to provide our customers with the best possible services. Our customers sense this, as well, and I love happy customers!


What’s your favourite international destination?

There is still much of the world I have yet to discover. However, I always enjoy visiting Asia and have a warm spot in my heart for Sweden, especially in the summer!



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Career Development

Working for Comfone will give you the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to future roaming innovations. As an equal opportunity employer Comfone offers excellent benefits, employee development opportunities and the possibility for a long-term working relationship.

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Fringe Benefits

Working for Comfone also provides you with additional social and financial benefits enhancing your professional and personal development and your overall job satisfaction.

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Modern Facilities

Comfone’s headquarters are easily accessible from the Bern city centre. Comfone offers a modern workplace with excellent facilities including a bistro that serves warm food and a salad buffet at lunch. Our bright and spacious offices make for a pleasant and comfortable work environment.

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Comfone’s headquarters are easily accessible from the Bern city centre and surrounding areas. We are located just a 5 minute walk from the “Galgenfeld” bus stop, where buses run regularly (every 5 -10 minutes) and 5 minutes by car to the nearest highway exit.

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Sarah Seibt
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