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Marc Stadelmann


Marc Stadelmann
EVP Development

After completing his apprenticeship as an electronic technician in Bern, Marc Stadelmann graduated at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne, Switzerland with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology.

Following his studies, Marc joined PostFinance AG in 2005 where he undertook various roles within the department of Product Development and Projects. He started as a Business Analyst performing analyses work on the customer base. During this time, Marc graduated from the University of Applied Science in Bern with a Master’s degree in Economics.

Marc then moved on to become a product manager and in parallel a project leader. Several years later Marc was, additionally appointed as team leader for Liquidity Solutions. The team included a broad range of products such as: Notifications, Pooling, Technical Channels, Testing Possibilities for the customers plus Money Market Business.

In Spring 2018, during the successful introduction of a new core banking system at PostFinance in the role of Subject Matter Expert, Marc decided to join Comfone. Marc was appointed Executive VP Development at Comfone in July 2018 and in this role, he is responsible for managing the project portfolio.

Marc's Team

Hermann Jaun Chief Architect Software Development

Livio Righetti Senior Development Engineer

Vitor Rocha Senior Software Developer

Renze Struiksma Senior Data Scientist

Christof Flück Software Developer

Jennifer Henzen Junior Web Developer

— Comfone’s current strategy was developed in 2010 and has transformed the company into what it is today, a lean, financially stable organisation delivering a simplified solution with guaranteed Swiss precision.



Vision: Freedom of Mobile Communication


To bring together what belongs together

— To continue to enhance and develop the Key2roam Platform into the world’s most diverse and reliable complete roaming solution combining IPX, Signalling, GRX, Data Clearing, Financial Clearing, Hubbing and Roaming Management services.

Organic growth and a solid foundation

— Through offering an unbeatable price to service quality ratio, to grow our customer base organically and consequently the Key2roam Platform community. To capture new market segments, further extending the Key2roam Platform global coverage and offering an extended, more superior service.

Simplicity and transparency

— To offer simplified roaming and reduced complexity through a single service agreement and transparent pricing models. Through integration of the service layers, providing transparency that allows customers to optimise their roaming business and identify new revenue opportunities.

An open roaming platform

— To create an open platform where Comfone and different 3rd party suppliers offer a continuously growing number of Apps and Value Added Services.





The executive team at Comfone combines a wealth of telecommunications and management experience with a focus on ensuring that Comfone’s services and Apps lead the industry in value for money, quality and simplicity.

Each Executive Board member is committed to ensuring that they deliver the highest level of professionalism both toward Comfone’s growing customer base and through their style of management.

This Approach guarantees both the highest level of service delivery and a professional and motivating working environment.


— 65 years working for Comfone between 5 Executive Board members

Daniel Heutschi CEO

Since 2004

Marc Stadelmann EVP Development

Since 2018

Laurent Freléchoux CTO

Since 2004

Olivier Boucaud EVP Sales

Since 2007

Roberto Lima EVP Hubbing & Clearing

Since 2007

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