Automatic and unattended installs of bare-metal ESXi hypervisors and vCenter management appliances

For almost 10 years, Comfone has been deploying VMWare ESXi hypervisor hosts. Over this time, we have deployed the vast majority of servers as virtual machines. This has allowed Comfone to reduce our footprint in physical servers by an estimated factor of at least 20x. This results in lower capex and increases our availability and […]

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10 ways that Comfone builds company culture

I am part of the Human Resources team at Comfone, and one important HR task is motivating staff. In this blog, I discuss the ways in which Comfone creates a positive company culture to bring motivation and workplace satisfaction to our team. Why is a strong company culture important? In a recent study, 88% of […]

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From Zero to Hero: My best practices when building a new software service from scratch

A new project always starts with a spark, an idea. In my case, we had an older service that was coming to its peak capacity and needed to be replaced with a more up-to-date and efficient service. The service is responsible to keep our internal data in sync with our signalling control instance. I was […]

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Overcoming challenges: providing an international company with new hardware during COVID-19

In this blog, I will discuss the challenges our company faced when procuring new laptops and other hardware to our colleagues around the world during a global pandemic, and how we overcome these challenges to reach success.   What drives a company forward? There are many different things that drive a company forward, and help […]

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Switzerland, innovation and Comfone

I am originally from Spain, and my path led me to Switzerland when I married a Swiss guy. I have to admit that before I moved here, the only things I knew about this country were clichés… cows, chocolate, mountains, punctuality… But, once I started to live here and got to know the place better, […]

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Roaming is about cooperation

Roaming can be turned on by our phones in one swipe, but it’s not 1-swipe task for operators to implement. On average, each single network is connected to 600-700 other networks around the world. This allows subscribers to roam reliably worldwide. Did you know and there are more than 1200 operators globally? Roaming agreements This […]

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