What to expect at a Swiss apéro

I moved to Switzerland three years ago, and am always keen to learn more about Swiss culture and traditions. By learning more about these important aspects of Swiss life and culture, it’s helping me to integrate in this beautiful country which I now call home!   I have learnt about many charming traditions, such as […]

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Do more with less: how to gain global coverage

How can you do more with less? In today’s busy roaming world, establishing roaming agreements with MNOs to gain global coverage is becoming increasingly challenging. Roaming Managers might feel that they are in an uphill struggle!   But don’t worry, you are not alone in these challenges!   At Comfone, we hear increasingly from Roaming […]

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Unmute silent roamers and gain revenue

How do you unmute silent roamers and gain revenue?   We all know that when it is utilised correctly, Big Data provides invaluable insights into our businesses and can open up new revenue streams.   But the problem is, the solution that it brings is also the problem.   How does one possibly go about […]

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Layers: not just for cakes

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘layers’?   For you, does it conjure up thoughts of a cake, filled with buttercream and fruit? Or taking a walk on a winter’s morning, piling on jumper after jumper to stay warm? Or perhaps it even reminds you of doing DIY, adding paint to […]

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Sponsored Roaming: supporting Mobile Operators and IoT Service Providers

Sponsored Roaming: an overview For a start-up MNO (Mobile Network Operator) planning to go to market with consumer- based mobile services, there are many important projects which need to be managed, aligned and delivered before launch is possible.   The mobile network itself has two very important components: the radio and the core. A mobile […]

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The rise of the machines: M2M in the roaming industry

The rise of the machines is real! M2M devices are increasing year on year, bucking the trend in roaming. The past two years have seen dramatic changes to our global society with Roaming revenues being severely affected by the restrictions placed on international travel.   Therefore, it is more important than ever for Roaming Managers […]

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