How can the Comfone IPX ensure total global coverage?

The Comfone IPX is an IP Interconnection Ecosystem. It is a private, secure IP Cloud Network with global reach boasting one of the largest on-net customer bases worldwide. Carrier partners and customer CSPs are connected to exchange mobility data services. The IPX platform provides security and firewall solutions, and proudly integrates Big Data management and […]

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Phoenix: Comfone’s answer to the Billing and Charging Evolution

Phoenix is Comfone’s answer to the Billing and Charging Evolution and even more.   Back in 2020 we took some bright and brilliant people from the Clearing, Operations and Development teams at Comfone, gave them a room and a task: to learn everything that they could about the BCE and come up with Comfone’s response […]

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The Key2roam Platform: a turnkey solution

In business, as in life, it is important to be ready for many different scenarios, situations and circumstances. We are expected to understand things quickly, and work efficiently. Terms like ‘going the extra mile’ and ‘take it to the next level’ are commonplace around offices, and we must always adapt, learn, and do more with […]

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Comfone – the experts in 5G Roaming

At Comfone, we know how important it is for our customers to remain at the forefront of new technological developments. 5G networks are now being launched worldwide, and in most cases the radio cellular networks are being turned on first with the core networks following later. 5G NSA This has meant that mobile operators have […]

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How flexible working improves work/life balance

Since the pandemic, businesses have experienced a lot of rapid changes.   For many millions of office workers around the world, they went from commuting and working in an office every day to working from home, almost overnight. Entire office buildings stayed empty for over a year, and colleagues could only meet virtually on (video) […]

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What are the business benefits of the Key2roam Platform?

This year, we are celebrating 25 years in business.   Reaching this important milestone has been possible thanks to our background as pioneers and industry innovators, seeing gaps in the roaming offering and providing opportunities to MNOs, MVNOs, M2M/ IoTs and other new industry players.   One of the things that makes Comfone unique is […]

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