Distinguishing the Signal from the Noise

Telecommunications simply fascinates me. It always has. Call me old fashioned if you will. In my opinion, what the telecoms technology has given us in recent decades is truly amazing to say the least. Do you remember those rotary dial phones that we had in the 70s and 80s? Well, maybe some of you do! […]

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How Personal Development Benefits Comfone: A Developer’s Story

Earlier this year, Christof Flück, one of our developers, reached a huge personal and professional milestone: a grade B in a Thesis on Implementing a Streamed Distributed Data Processing Pipeline. In this blog, Christof shares the reasons why he focused on this area of research, the results of the project and how it has benefited […]

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ePayments: The Most Innovative Solution

In May 2023, Mauro Mele found himself in the Lion’s Den. How had he got here? What would happen next? Luckily for him, the ‘Lions’ in question were a group of industry experts, and the ‘Den’ was a large auditorium, where he was delivering a presentation on ePayments, Comfone’s revolutionary Financial Clearing solution. Comfone’s ePayments […]

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Unlocking Success: Direct, Sponsored and Roaming Hubs Demystified

In the dynamic realm of mobile communication, making strategic decisions regarding roaming can greatly impact the success of mobile operators and M2M (Machine to Machine) / IoT (Internet of Things) companies. Understanding the differences between Direct Roaming, Sponsored Roaming, and Roaming Hubs is crucial. At Comfone, we offer a mix of these services, tailored to […]

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How can the Comfone IPX ensure total global coverage?

The Comfone IPX is an IP Interconnection Ecosystem. It is a private, secure IP Cloud Network with global reach boasting one of the largest on-net customer bases worldwide. Carrier partners and customer CSPs are connected to exchange mobility data services. The IPX platform provides security and firewall solutions, and proudly integrates Big Data management and […]

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Phoenix: Comfone’s answer to the Billing and Charging Evolution

Phoenix is Comfone’s answer to the Billing and Charging Evolution and even more.   Back in 2020 we took some bright and brilliant people from the Clearing, Operations and Development teams at Comfone, gave them a room and a task: to learn everything that they could about the BCE and come up with Comfone’s response […]

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