Borderless Connectivity

5G is the fifth generation mobile communication standard, providing very high speeds with very low latency. As it becomes more embedded, it will change the world as we find it by bringing connectivity to billions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. This is set to revolutionize many tech areas such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics and driverless vehicles whilst disrupting traditional areas like Healthcare, Energy, Manufacturing and Agriculture. (Source, GSMA website).

With over 25 billion expected IoT devices connected worldwide by 2025 according to the GSMA, the need for worldwide coverage is real. We are walking towards a borderless connected planet where being permanently connected is as natural as breathing.


Comfone´s Key2roam Hub is the world leading Roaming Hub and has a proud history focusing on innovation. We have recently reached another milestone as we can already process 5G Roaming traffic to some of our Key2roam Hub operators.

In addition to our extensive MNO (Mobile Network Operator) customer base (+450 connected operators), we´re keeping up with all new trends and technologies in the market. We are onboarding new IoT/M2M (Machine-to-Machine) players as Key2roam Hub Members and continue to be the best option for launching new operators and services worldwide in a cost effective way.

With global coverage in 207 countries and territories and Pulse, our Roaming Management Tool including a number of apps to help our customers drive their roaming businesses more effectively, we are paving the way to ensure Borderless Connectivity is already a reality.

Key2roam Hub

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