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Can a job as CFO be fun?

Comfone-CFO Finance: not black and white

In this blog post, Jürg discusses his job as a CFO, and helps to overcome the stereotypes to explain what makes his job interesting.

Small talk 

At parties, I dread people asking me what I do for a living.

Conversations tend to go like this:

'So, Jürg, what do you do?'

'I am the CFO at Comfone'

'What's a CFO?'

'Chief Financial Officer'

And suddenly people get very interested in their shoes, need to refresh their drink or simply walk away.

Most people think that figures are dull, and assume that the people who work with figures must be strange or even boring…

Smashing stereotypes 

Actually, these people are quite mistaken.

My job is not as administrative and full of numbers as it sounds. It's very interesting.

I think this is especially true at Comfone.

We operate internationally with Swiss standards of quality and reliability.

Comfone: privately owned, family run 

Comfone is a privately owned company, and works like a 'Small and Medium Family' (SMF).

This means that processes are lean, allowing decisions to be made quickly and efficiently to provide the best results for our customers and staff. I really find it a pleasure to be part of this type of organisation.

As CFO, I must work fast to keep ahead of the curve of innovation which I see daily. I really take pleasure in ensuring that our company continues to go from strength to strength by helping us to succeed financially.

In my opinion, the best thing about Comfone is that it is highly liquid and debt free.

This problem gives many CFOs around the world sleepless nights, so working in this highly successful environment gives me the time and space to focus on 'more important' problems!

Finance: not black and white 

A lot of people think that the world of Finance is black and white, however we talk about a whole rainbow of colours! Take for instance:

Red figures – numbers which are in the negative, and not really where you want to be…

Black figures – not in the negative, much more comfortable for companies…

Grey areas – where companies shouldn't really be, as they are close to but not really illegal…

Blue- chip companies – a 'safe bet'. This term comes from poker, where the blue chip is the one with the highest value.

Increasingly, the world even talks about green investments. Furthermore, as we act internationally, we get paid and pay our suppliers in Greenbacks, a saying which derives from the colour of the back of US banknotes printed in the mid-19th Century to finance the country's civil war.

So now I hope you see that finance is an interesting and varied job.

This is why I like it, and am always very happy to come into work, to find out what different things will be in store for me!

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