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Virtualisation at Comfone

Technology moves fast at Comfone. During the first half of 2020, Comfone engineers migrated Comfone's core DRAs and core STPs to a new generation platform. Performing four large-scale "hot swap" operations in less than 6 months requires thorough preparation, Swiss timing, precision, execution, and bright solutions when things do not happen as plann...
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Roaming the Plains of Serengeti with a mobile phone

"What do you do for a living?" "I do roaming!" "Aha…. (long pause) …. so like a nomad on the plains of Serengeti." "Well ah, something like that yes, but with a mobile phone." "Mobile phone, what's that?" "Well ah, hmmm, where do I start…?" 'Roaming' used to mean to move about or travel aimlessly. Then in the early 90s, we were gifted with mobile p...
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Comfone’s NOC Team in a nutshell

comfone-noc-laptop Comfone’s NOC Team in a nutshell
I really enjoy my job working as part of Comfone's NOC team because every day provides new challenges to overcome on behalf of our customers. We are exposed to a wide range of companies and different situations, keeping the job fresh and interesting. In case of any issue or request from any Comfone customer around the world, we are always available...
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