Comfone’s New Years Resolutions

The start of the new calendar year always feels full of exciting possibilities.


It is a blank slate, ready to be filled with new and innovative plans. It also presents the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the year just gone, getting feedback on successes and lessons learnt, closing all open points to get us ready to embrace 2022 with open arms.


It’s a time to make some resolutions of things that we want to achieve, helping us to build our roadmap to ensure that we can get the most out of the year ahead.


In this blog, we will look back on the year just passed, before moving forward into the future, sharing our plans, resolutions and aspirations for the coming year.

New Years Resolutions

A look back on 2021

Look back at 2021

So what did we learn from last year?


For businesses, the past two years have been some of the most challenging in memory. The global pandemic has resulted in new ways of working, supply chain issues, lack of face-to-face meetings with both colleagues and customers, inability to travel widely and of course a shortage of roamers to name but a few of the challenges.


However, there have also been many positives.


At Comfone, we were able to continue working throughout the entire pandemic, proudly avoiding any need for furlough and our colleagues, wherever they are located in the world, all received new laptops and other hardware thanks to the incredible effort of our ICT team.

Home office

We launched three new services: Phoenix to support BCE processes, M2M End2End Monetisation to offer our customers new revenue streams and Roaming Relations Management (RRM) to help our customers establish bilateral roaming agreements with specific partners.


In addition, we were able to make major upgrades to our IPX backbone with new PoPs located in Dallas and Miami, increasing our number of PoPs to 11 currently and creating a double ring around the world. We have added 2 x 100Gbps sites and have increased virtualisation in our network.


Our Key2roam Hub community continued to grow with new operators joining Comfone bringing our current connections total over 25,000.


We increased our efficiency and reduced our reliability on paper processes, streamlining our systems from signing contracts through to invoicing, which helps our customers get faster and more accurate information on their services.


Our apps and services were constantly updated to provide an always better user experience for the most transparent, flexible and easy-to-use service possible, and we have upgraded Pulse, our online business tool.

Pulse apps

We hired many new staff with expertise spanning the whole roaming industry and managed to successfully onboard them despite the pandemic.


And finally, we managed to keep our company culture and team spirit intact, despite spending so much time apart by organising digital and live entertainment and tools for the teams to communicate internally and externally.

2022 resolutions

We have a number of exciting projects, services and upgrades in the pipeline for this year.

Provide borderless and easy communications to all people and all things

At Comfone, we are very proud of our mission and of the way it keeps us going forward.


We are ambitious and want to work with new industry segments (IoT/ M2M solution providers) to provide connectivity services to everyone who needs it.


Our aim is to ensure that everyone and everything remains connected, wherever they are in the world, whenever they need it.

Help you to find new revenue streams

M2M devices have seen a steady rise over the last years, and instead of slowing down this is set to continue rising. This provides a very exciting opportunity to companies to capitalise on new revenue streams.


Thanks to Comfone’s new M2M End2End Monetisation service, we can help you to visualise, analyse and monetise the M2M traffic in your network. Our plan for 2022 is to continue to share and develop this service with our customers and help them to find the revenue that they deserve.

Make sure you get ahead

Many operators feel that the BCE is not for them yet. However, our BCE experts have been working for almost two years both as part of the GSMA’s IDS group and simultaneously on Phoenix – Comfone’s service supporting BCE standards – and we believe that the time to act with BCE is now.


You might be missing out on new opportunities and revenues! TAP cannot account for new technologies and this has knock-on effects throughout the industry and means that the new charging models cannot function efficiently.


This year, we will see the rise of the Phoenix, allowing for increased revenues and simpler, more flexible solutions to issues for which there is no workaround on TAP.

Meet you face to face

It’s been two long years without many face-to-face meetings or events to enjoy, and we are looking forward to a year jam-packed with exciting events, including:

  • MWC Barcelona, 28 February – 3 March
  • WAS#15 Dubai, 14 – 17 March
  • ConneXion Bern, 14 – 16 June
  • WAS#16 Cape Town, 19 – 22 September
  • MWC Los Angeles


These events are just a few of the ones that Comfone will be at over the coming year. We are also available for face-to-face meetings, trainings and other opportunities. If you need more information, get in touch at!

Host ConneXion Bern again

ConneXion Bern is back! Taking place 14 – 16 June, we invite you to our HQ in Bern, Switzerland for the chance to network with operators from all over the world, learn more about our latest innovations, find out more about value added services offered by Comfone partners, hear from industry experts and discover what Comfone hospitality is when we introduce you to the beautiful country which is our home.

Some things won’t change…

We have listed some of our many New Year’s resolutions, but we want to assure you that some things won’t change…


You remain at the very centre of everything that we do, and our commitment to providing Swiss precision and quality remains as strong and as present as ever.


We consider our customers to be part of the Comfone family, and we will continue to ensure that our relationships go from strength to strength with quick, accurate response times, friendly staff, supporting you in your own language wherever possible and remaining on first-name terms with you.

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