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Connection, communication and Comfone


As they say in German, 'Der rote Faden' (or red thread) signifies a "coincidental recurring theme".

In nature as in life, I am aware of the same constant themes.

Communication, connection, inter-connection, constant evolution, endings and beginnings, growth and sustainability, resilience and creativity are the themes that run through our lives, which can also be applied to working at Comfone.

Comfone is an eco-system in its own right!

Working for Comfone is definitely a metaphor for living in the wider world. We are a community of diverse, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-faceted individuals, all co-operating and interacting with another to work towards a common vision. 

What do we do? 

Our red thread themes are connection and communication.

In a nutshell, we connect people and organisations, services and technologies.

This goal has remained constant since the beginning, and going forward it remains the same. We maintain our structure and our vigour over time and time again. 

My Comfone story 

Continuing with the theme of nature, almost 20 years ago, Comfone provided me with a nourishing soil base in which to grow and develop.

I started at the company as a small 'seed', first planted in Data Clearing. Over the years, I 'grew' into roaming management, from Key2roam Hubbing Management to IREG and TADIG.

Today, you can find me still thriving in the Financial Clearing Back office where my main task is to open connections for our FC clients!

I find it very satisfying to look back over my continuing Comfone life cycle, and seeing where I currently am in my journey. I see all the various cycles of my career, and the interconnection from where I started to what I learned, and on to the future.

They say all good things come in three's.

I say all good things come in C's – Connection, Communication and of course Comfone! 

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