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Financial Clearing at Comfone: the ultimate in high end services


I have worked in the Financial Clearing team at Comfone for 5 years, and in this time I have learnt a great deal. In this blog post, I will explain a little about the FC service at Comfone, and provide insights into how we support our customers.

Comfone's Financial Clearing service is well embedded into our Key2roam Platform (consolidating Comfone's complete portfolio of core services, apps and other value added services required to build a profitable roaming business). The services are fully GSM compliant, reliable, fast, customer oriented and innovative.


We have a unique system design, guaranteeing that financial flows are kept strictly independent and transparent with no hidden charges and full IOT validation. 

Our service offers better cash flow with no payment cycles, and accounts in multiple currencies serving to reduce Fx losses / CDA savings on bank fees. 

Our comprehensive and customisable online reporting tool is integrated into the FC service and includes invoice production, validation and the reconciliation of incoming invoices, with full support of multi network invoices.
Each of our FC-related apps comes with a story and we hope you enjoy making them a part of yours.
Comfone's Financial Clearing team understands what it takes to serve quality solutions to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. If you are interested in learning more, check out our webpage.

 Food for thought –Key2roam Hub customers

Did you know that your inbound and outbound Key2roam traffic invoices are powered by the Financial Clearing tool which in turn makes the settlements super easy?

Did you also know that by simply transferring your bilateral Roaming Connections to Comfone, you become a full Financial Clearing customer benefiting additionally?

If we have sparked your imagination, dear existing Key2roam Hub customer, please accept this delicious informative cookie. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to open the cookie jar!

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