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From customer to colleague: what I've learnt along the way


I have worked in the telecom industry for over 10 years. Most recently, I was working as a Roaming Manager, and my old company purchased the majority of services and applications from Comfone. Last year, I decided to make a change in my career and move from buying services from Comfone to selling for Comfone. This offered not only a challenging career change, but also the challenge of moving across the world from the Caribbean to Switzerland! 

I have been in this role for 8 months now, and I have learnt a lot in this short time. I feel that my background as a customer is valuable because it helps me to understand what is really important. I can use this feedback to support the services, and continue to keep customers at the heart of what we do.
For example, one thing that always impressed me as a customer was the personal touch and relationships that I was able to build at Comfone. I am pleased to report that since moving to Comfone my high expectations of staff attitude were definitely fulfilled! I also like to highlight to customers the flexibility offered at Comfone. There is a true willingness to listen to customers and create bespoke solutions to meet their needs.
When I arrived at Comfone, I was also really impressed by how multi-cultural the company is. We can communicate in 42 languages, which I think is a real asset for our customers. I believe that this helps to provide the 'personal touch' that I was discussing before. I actually speak Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish, and am glad to be able to use my skills to communicate more easily with my customers.
I look forward to continue learning and developing at Comfone, and working with many customers moving forward!
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