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Getting ready for 2021: How we have future- proofed our network


 2020 has certainly been a busy year for the IPX team.

This year, we have completely renewed our signalling network, and the system now runs on virtualised STPs and DRA clusters. The great thing about this change is that it allows us to future-proof our business.

Now that 2020 is coming to an end, it's time to look forward to 2021 and ask what differences these updates will make to you, our customer, as well as asking what is next for Comfone…

Why we updated the network 

Technology evolves fast and systems must be replaced to benefit technical advances.

Whilst 2020 has been a difficult year for many in the roaming business, less roaming traffic gave us the perfect opportunity to completely renew our network.

What are the benefits of these new systems? 

These new systems provide us not only with capacity, but also state- of- the- art features that will allow us to integrate new services with the ones already existing.

Thanks to these updates, there is no longer a need to be constrained to legacy GSM interfaces. 

Increasing traffic 

The new network elements have given us a lot of room for increasing the traffic we handle. Comfone is ready for the rising Internet of Things (IoT) business.

It will also optimise message processing, routing, and load balancing.

IoT capabilities 

We are now able to handle the range of new services in the IoT ecosystem, such as LTE-M, LTE-NB, etc. This creates new business opportunities for our customers.

HTTP- based interfaces 

I was surprised to hear that although the world is running to 5G and starting to explore 6G, many applications still don't require much bandwidth are still relying on the descendants of the SMS.

Going forward, we would expect to see a need to switch to quicker and more efficient radio technologies, moving to HTTP based interfaces.


New security features are another important aspect of the updated network systems. Going forward, we can adopt increasing security levels in our infrastructure, without losing flexibility.

This is especially important now that specific security frameworks are generated in the roaming playground.

O&M interfaces 

All these new systems are offering modern O&M interfaces that allow us to integrate them in our organisation. This means we can orchestrate, monitor, analyse and control the frequent changes required in the roaming world in an efficient way.

Looking forward to 2021 

As you can see, by making these changes there are many great benefits to our customers.

At Comfone, we like to ensure that we are always ahead of the curve of progression, making sure that we support our customers in every way that they need.

Our plan for 2021 is to further expand by deploying additional nodes in strategic regions, helping to further improve the quality of our service going forward.

We are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in 2021… stay tuned!

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