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Growing our garden of services and applications

Comfone-garden-software-developer Growing our garden of services and applications

In this blog, I will discuss my role as a Software Developer at Comfone. This will give you some insights into what we do, how we do it and what makes us different. I will also discuss one of my current projects working on DIOT and explain how it can support your Financial Clearing service.

On Monday, I wrote about my love of gardening, and how with sunlight, water, space and attention, plants can grow.

Software developers as gardeners

If we think of Comfone as a garden, the Software Developers would be the gardeners, the Sales team would be the florists, and the services, apps and products would be the beautiful plants and flowers!

At Comfone, our garden is always blooming. We would have a nice garden with lots of plants, amazing flowers and many different shades of green. There would be plants that you recognise, but also some unusual 'custom made' plants for our customers. 

Blue tomatoes! 

That is the difference between what we can do and what a gardener can do: we can modify our 'plants' in a lot of different ways. With Comfone, you can even have a blue tomato if you wish!

What does a Development Engineer do?

So what exactly is my job? I am a Development Engineer. In gardening terms, each time you get the required plants and flowers in the right size, quantity and colour, according to all of your needs and wishes with minimal delay, this is because a Development Engineer or Software Developer did a good job!

DIOT application for FC customers 

One of the projects that I am currently working on is the new Discount Inter-Operator Tariff (DIOT) application.

The DIOT app will allow our Financial Clearing customers to fully manage and control all FC activities related to DIOT agreements, including:

  • Defining and keeping track of the DIOT agreements
  • Uploading data feeds from external BI tools, such as visROAM
  • Managing accruals and provisions related to the DIOT reconciliation periods
  • Producing and distributing FC customer's outgoing DIOT C/Ns and D/Ns automatically
  • Uploading and validating partners' incoming DIOT C/Ns and D/Ns, as applicable.

The goal of the DIOT app

We aim to reproduce the same efficiency and simplicity as you get with the ePayments app, which is currently used by 200+ Comfone FC customers. Would you like to add DIOT into your bouquet? Get in touch with one of our 'florists' today.

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