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My monologue on how we achieve global connectivity

Comfone-seamlesscommunication-communit_20201006-074902_1 How we achieve global connectivity

 I occasionally tutor African refugee students in my community. Last week I tutored a boy from Eritrea in math. When we finished, I was leaving the community center and passed a teenage boy who looked like he wanted to talk and we started chatting.

His name is Zawadi. He is 15 years old and is from the Republic of Congo. I asked Zawadi what he learned that day at his tutoring session. Zawadi said that he learned the word "monologue". I asked him to provide me a monologue about what he has been doing. He described the challenges of attending school remotely during covid and said that he is really enjoying playing soccer, which seems to be a great outlet for him.

Zawadi wanted to know what I do for a living. I gave him a brief monologue about my work in providing roaming services by describing how he can use his US phone when he travels to the Republic of Congo someday. He immediately understood!

The following is my monologue for you. 

Comfone's role in connecting the world 

Comfone is a provider of global connectivity enabling people and devices to connect around the world.

We support all kinds of wireless service providers including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT). A real alphabet soup - but read on for clarifications!

Every operator is unique with its own set of needs based on its strategy and business objectives.


A Mobile Network Operator or MNO provides traditional mobile phone services to you and me. An MNO needs a global footprint so that we can use our phone service wherever we travel. MNOs also want to attract subscribers of other wireless operators to use their network when traveling.


A Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO is a wireless communications service provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure for the service which it provides. As with an MNO, it needs connectivity around the world so that we can use our phones everywhere.

Note that both MNOs and MVNOs support M2M/IOT business – read on! 

M2M / IoT 

Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things providers connect devices around the world, without human participation. M2M/IoT business includes all the devices that need connectivity in your home and car as well as in business, agriculture, airlines, medical and every industry you can think of.

M2M/IoT business is growing rapidly with average annual revenue growth projected to be 45% for each of the next five years (Statistica). There will be a huge demand for connectivity as the number of devices increases. 

The goal? Seamless connectivity 


Comfone's role is to work with MNOs, MVNOs and M2M / IoT providers to enable their devices to connect seamlessly. We understand that each CSP has different requirements, so we tailor our solutions to the specific needs of the provider.

How we support the needs of our customers 

Below I have listed a few case studies of what our services can typically help with. However, we always speak to the customers first and find out exactly what they need, so we know how best to support them. Gaining such insight through dialogue is essential in order to create the correct service offering.


We know the goal for MNOs is to provide seamless connectivity. Our Key2roam Hub connects close to 500 networks globally in 200 countries, and can provide an MNO with a significant portion of their footprint. It also provides them with inbound roaming revenue from other MNOs as well as MVNOs and M2M/IoT providers. Comfone also supports MNOs in connecting directly with other operators.

MVNOs, M2M / IoTs 

For a new MVNO or IoT / M2M provider who needs a quick global footprint, we can connect them with a sponsored roaming provider. We also ensure visibility and control of their devices as well as enable trouble shooting and QoS. They can also benefit from Comfone's Key2roam Hub and our support in connecting directly with other operators.

How do we provide seamless connectivity? 

Comfone provides all services needed for international roaming. This includes signaling between networks, IPX for data connectivity and clearing services to keep track of and bill for usage.

We also provide state-of-the-art tools for monitoring roaming networks, alarming and troubleshooting if connectivity experiences issues. We also utilize our customers' Big Data to do in depth business analysis, helping them to plan for the future and monetize their business.

Our Key2roam Hub, which is the largest independent hub in the world connects close to 500 networks in 200 countries on 2G/3G/LTE and 5G for voice, SMS and data services.

What sets us apart? 

Another key differentiator for Comfone is our team. We are a global company of 120 people speaking over 25 languages and spread around the world. Every Comfone team member strives to provide our customers with quality services.In boxing vernacular, you can definitely say that we punch above our weight!

List of languages spoken at Comfone

What is my personal goal? 

My job at Comfone is to develop our business in North America and the Caribbean with the support of my Comfone colleagues at our headquarters in Switzerland and around the world. In the words of Rodney Gaines, VP Sales Western Europe 'ultimately, my goal is to establish a partnership whereby both the customer and Comfone are active participants in operating a winning solution.'

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