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Times have changed: A peek at the past and look towards the future


When I look back at my childhood in the 1980s, the way that we share information has changed significantly.

In the past, I received news by listening to radio broadcasts, or tuning into TV news channels at specific times. Sometimes it was even necessary to wait for the newspaper to acquire the details. In the 1980s it was also not unusual to go to libraries and find data in encyclopedias!

The history of the mobile phone 

 The first handheld mobile phone was commercially available in early 1980's.

However, until the mid-90s it was still more common to dial the fixed line number hoping someone would pick up.

Actually, back then people still sent letters to keep in touch, and take the time to receive a response! 

Today's world 

Nowadays, everything is considerably easier and faster.

Everyone is reachable. Mobile phones and networks have global coverage, we can write quick emails rather than sending letters and the internet is full of constantly updated information.

We are all eager to receive information immediately – we have no time to waste. 

How does Comfone support you in the constantly changing world? 

At Comfone, we pride ourselves on our pioneering attitude in the roaming industry.

Our priority is to provide quality services to customers, and support you in the roaming world. It is vital that we stay ahead of trends.

I work in the Financial Clearing department, where our goal is to provide Swiss quality and precision with an emphasis on great customer service.

ePayments, for the modern world 

Our ePayments tool provides you with some new technology, which some have likened to eBanking applications because you decide when and where to pay, without any delay.

We do not impose payment cycles, so you can choose the payment cycle that works best for you. All you need to access this feature a Pulse user account.

I think that ePayments is an amazing tool. It is easily adjustable to all kind of workloads with pre-defined settings. The transparency of all the transactions and accounts is highly appreciable. The Financial Clearing team is assuring the daily upload of the accurate data and documents. 

The future is now 

After all, we are also a part of the future of technological development, as we continuously design and test new features.

Our team actively participates in diverse projects and furthers advancement at Comfone by sharing feedback from our customers and ourselves. This goes to the Product Development Department, who can then work on creating up-to-date solutions.

New technologies are essential to support future technologies. These include BCE (Billing and Charging Evolution) to support future technologies like IoT and 5G.

However, about this topic more next time…

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