What are the business benefits of the Key2roam Platform?

This year, we are celebrating 25 years in business.


Reaching this important milestone has been possible thanks to our background as pioneers and industry innovators, seeing gaps in the roaming offering and providing opportunities to MNOs, MVNOs, M2M/ IoTs and other new industry players.


One of the things that makes Comfone unique is our Key2roam Platform.


What is the Key2roam Platform?

The Key2roam Platform is a unique ecosystem. It aggregates all core roaming services of international roaming, including IPX, Data and Financial Clearing, BCE solutions, Hubbing and Sponsored Roaming in one place, whilst also offering Big Data insights, value added applications and partners solutions within one online portal: Pulse.


In short, it provides global connectivity and addresses complex roaming requirements.


What are the business benefits of having all services in one place?

Business intelligence

All roaming services generate a lot of Big Data, and this can give you very interesting hidden insights into what is happening in your business.


By utilising the full Key2roam Platform, you can benefit from our Data Management Service (DMS) to identify Permanent Roamers, unmute Silent Roamers, segment your audience and create your own custom solutions to unique situations. Your IPX traffic, CDR data, DDR data and 3rd Party data can be extracted and analysed for you to draw conclusions and generate new revenue potential.


Even if you are not a Comfone customer (yet), DMS is still an option for you. We just need to receive the data files for our teams to process. You do not need to be part of the community to benefit from this valuable service, however with the Key2roam Platform, everything is simplified…


M2M roaming is becoming an important topic for operators, and thanks to our M2M End2End Monetisation service powered by the Key2roam Platform, we can help you to identify, analyse and monetise the M2M devices in your network.


All of this is possible thanks to the synergies found by having all services in one place. A powerful Platform which processes over 6.5 billion data sessions per day for you to interpret and take actions to generate more revenues.



In our society, we are always being asked to do more with less, which can lead to difficult decisions about which business directions to take.


Comfone offers a simple solution to this problem. The Key2roam Platform ensures that all services are in one place and easily accessible through Pulse, our online business portal. This straightforward and easy-to-use online service gives you 24/7 access, and includes all apps and reports required to check on your roaming services. We constantly monitor your service, with options for customisable alarms. Pulse is used both externally by customers, and internally by Comfone staff so you can feel assured that we are always developing the apps and their features (reporting, monitoring) to provide a state-of-the-art business portal which fulfils the market’s trends and expectations.


Further opportunities for Value Added Services

The Key2roam Platform is an open ‘Platform as a Service’ combining Comfone’s core roaming services with carefully selected solutions and applications from trusted partner companies.


We collaborate with partners to offer a wide range of value added roaming services. These services can be segmented into ten different categories, with each category offering one or more partner solutions.


We aim to provide you with choices and can help you select partners based on your requirements.


Key2roam Platform services

The Key2roam Platform is a full ecosystem composed of layers of stand-alone services, each associated with business, monitoring and reporting applications.


IPX Services

When building anything, the foundations are key. Having a solid base allows for innovation, growth and further development, and the IPX layer is an IP Interconnection Ecosystem overdelivering on this.


Comfone is one of the leaders in SS7 Signalling, Diameter Signalling and GRX.


Our IPX global network offers geo-redundancy with worldwide PoP coverage. Our 11 PoPs span Europe, Asia and the Americas, offering a global footprint with full redundancy over 2 worldwide rings for customers around the globe.


Our suite of services is part of an impressive interconnection ecosystem, offering full peering, with a complete set of truly integrated 3rd party value added services as well as sponsored roaming solutions.


Clearing Services

No roaming business can run without Clearing. Comfone offers the full range of Data Clearing, Financial Clearing and NRTRDE, alongside being fully BCE compliant with Phoenix, a new Comfone service.


Our Clearing services have been rated as best in the business since 2013. We guarantee Swiss precision and quality, and pride ourselves on our reliability, full GSMA and GDPR compliance, with a focus on customer service and innovation.


Comfone has performed the majority of all Clearing services migrations for the past 5 years. Our Clearing environment is designed with each individual customer in mind.


Comfone’s Financial Clearing service is fully independent from payment cycles.
Thanks to the online ePayments application on Pulse, we offer real-time transparency on your dedicated bank account information and full autonomy in managing settlement & payments to your roaming partners.


Comfone’s BCE solution, Phoenix, is designed to support all new standard processes defined by the GSMA. The Phoenix team have unmatched experience and expertise within the industry.


We were the first to launch live BCE connections for a Tier 1 European Mobile Group in March 2021.


The Key2roam Hub


The Key2roam Hub simplifies your roaming launches and maintains your roaming relations through one single agreement for all your roaming partners. It also drastically accelerates your coverage roll-out, thanks to the experience of our roaming coordinators, robust technical processes and quick problem resolutions.


Our Key2roam Hub is the largest one in the world. We maintain over 25,000 connections between more than 480 operators around the world.


Our technical capabilities and level of experience allows us to offer the fastest time to market for launching international roaming relations.



DMS is the ultimate jewel in the Platform’s crown.


It collects billions of data every day to identify strong business cases that will increase your revenues. We help you to unlock untapped potentials, unmute your silent roamers, identify sponsored roaming traffic, monitor permanent roamers and other scenarios based on your needs.


Our state-of-the-art DMS utilises Big Data to provide insights into both the operational and commercial performance of your roaming network.


It provides the business intelligence required for future growth and increased profitability of roaming businesses.


M2M End2End Monetisation

Through the Key2roam Platform, we offer a full portfolio of roaming tools and knowledge to your business, allowing you to visualise, analyse and monetise your M2M traffic.


We start by detecting M2M traffic and producing a report with the number of devices in your network.


Data analysis is then used to apply the appropriate charging per device. Our range of experts then work as consultants throughout every step of the M2M End2End Monetisation process, from traffic detection to invoicing.


Our mission


At Comfone, our goal has always remained consistent: to provide borderless and easy communications to all people and all things. Our Key2roam Platform allows us to do this by bringing together what belongs together. We ensure that all services are in one place, providing our customers with a simplified, consolidated and easy solution for their roaming business.

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