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What is the Billing and Charging Evolution, and how can Comfone support it?


Our industry is constantly evolving and transforming. There are always new ideas, new technologies and new standards. These are brought about with the end user in mind, ensuring that roaming is faster, safer and more efficient.

This constant action, pursuing great ideas and working towards achieving them is what I love most about being in this business. I find this especially true at Comfone, where we stay ahead of the curve and work hard to give our customers up-to-date technology to match industry advancements.

For me, the spotlight this year has clearly been on the new Billing and Charging evolution (BCE).

What is the Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE)? 

BCE has been brought about to cater for any new services that mobile operators launch in the future, as a replacement from TAP.

For more than 25 years, TAP has been the standard model for DC solutions; however, it was not built to handle 5G, IoT and data roaming volumes in the same way. It is viewed as too complex, expensive and difficult to upgrade.

BCE offers a new solution, providing simplified processes for operators. It can exchange data, and reconcile and settle between operators, specifically for Mobile IoT and 5G roaming services.

BCE and Monetisation 

With this new standard, brought in to tackle the challenges presented by 5G, mobile operators can implement new charging models for this service.

BCE can also discover new ways of monetising traffic which would not have been possible with existing standards.


 Comfone has already implemented BCE in-house. Reborn from the ashes of TAP, Phoenix offers a full solution to the challenges of the BCE, built upon the standards set by the GSMA.

Comfone takes an active role in the IDS working group, participating in the ongoing definition and standards of BCE with the GSMA, which ensures that our information about the service is fully up-to-date and complete.

My colleagues and I will walk hand in hand with you and help you become compliant to the new standard.

We can take away the burden of implementing new formats and ensure the integrity of the end to end workflow: from the single records generated by your network nodes, invoice generation and settlement and dispute management.

When will your organisation be ready for BCE? 

I look forward to hearing from you if you would like to know more about Phoenix and how Comfone can support your business.

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