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Why are TDRs so interesting for Comfone engineers?

When somebody overhears talk about a TDR, their first thought might be about the WHO's Research and Training for Tropical Diseases, 'ticket deposit receipt' or even a Yamaha TDR motorcycle...  However, I work at Comfone, so when somebody mentions 'TDR', my mind jumps straight to 'Transaction Data Records'. Most people in roaming might think th...
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Financial Clearing from a different angle

In this blog post, I discuss my journey into the world of Financial Clearing (FC) and what I have learnt along the way.   Financial or technical process?  The complexity of Financial Clearing is often understated in the industry because it is perceived to be less technical and more of an 'accounting' process. When I first heard of Financi...
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Getting ready for 2021: How we have future- proofed our network

 2020 has certainly been a busy year for the IPX team. This year, we have completely renewed our signalling network, and the system now runs on virtualised STPs and DRA clusters. The great thing about this change is that it allows us to future-proof our business. Now that 2020 is coming to an end, it's time to look forward to 2021 and ask what...
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How to take an intercontinental trip in Covid-19 times

Further to their closure caused by the pandemic, African skies started to gradually re-open to passenger flights in October 2020. After thorough planning, I decided to embark on my first intercontinental business trip in 7 months. Despite the painstaking organisation and logistics involved in making long-haul flights in these extraordinary tim...
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Olivier Boucaud: How I build my team

As Head of Sales, I manage a diverse team of 12 salespeople and 4 marketing and communications representatives. The members of my team come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and industries, and I believe this is key to our success. I also believe that it demonstrates the fact that 'your typical salesperson' does not exist. Let me explain this...
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Connection, communication and Comfone

As they say in German, 'Der rote Faden' (or red thread) signifies a "coincidental recurring theme". In nature as in life, I am aware of the same constant themes. Communication, connection, inter-connection, constant evolution, endings and beginnings, growth and sustainability, resilience and creativity are the themes that run through our lives, whi...
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What is the Billing and Charging Evolution, and how can Comfone support it?

Our industry is constantly evolving and transforming. There are always new ideas, new technologies and new standards. These are brought about with the end user in mind, ensuring that roaming is faster, safer and more efficient. This constant action, pursuing great ideas and working towards achieving them is what I love most about being in this busi...
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How can Big Data create revenue in the roaming world?

I have recently started working at Comfone as a Data Analyst in the DMS team. To put it simply, my main role involves analysing Big Data for our customers, to see where they can monetise their business assets, or perhaps make adjustments to increase revenue. Some of you might ask: What is Big Data? What's the purpose of analysing it?  What is ...
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Times have changed: A peek at the past and look towards the future

When I look back at my childhood in the 1980s, the way that we share information has changed significantly. In the past, I received news by listening to radio broadcasts, or tuning into TV news channels at specific times. Sometimes it was even necessary to wait for the newspaper to acquire the details. In the 1980s it was also not unusual to go to ...
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Implementing SCRUM at Comfone: a success story

I am the EVP Development at Comfone. Part of my role involves achieving the best possible results for customers by coming up with more effective ways of working. Although we often work behind the scenes, Development is a really important component of Comfone. Focusing on this area can create more efficiency and agility, allowing us to do more with ...
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