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Hubbing and Clearing: A collaborative approach

When Key2roam Hub was launched 16 years ago, only a few roaming relations were opened and managed by the pioneering Hub in the market. Today we proudly boast more than 450 networks and over 24,000 connections worldwide. During peak season, we manage over 2.1 million happy roamers using our connections.  In my role as EVP of both Hubbing and Cl...
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From customer to colleague: what I've learnt along the way

I have worked in the telecom industry for over 10 years. Most recently, I was working as a Roaming Manager, and my old company purchased the majority of services and applications from Comfone. Last year, I decided to make a change in my career and move from buying services from Comfone to selling for Comfone. This offered not only a challenging car...
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Financial Clearing at Comfone: the ultimate in high end services

I have worked in the Financial Clearing team at Comfone for 5 years, and in this time I have learnt a great deal. In this blog post, I will explain a little about the FC service at Comfone, and provide insights into how we support our customers. Comfone's Financial Clearing service is well embedded into our Key2roam Platform (consolidating Comfone'...
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Roaming the Plains of Serengeti with a mobile phone

"What do you do for a living?" "I do roaming!" "Aha…. (long pause) …. so like a nomad on the plains of Serengeti." "Well ah, something like that yes, but with a mobile phone." "Mobile phone, what's that?" "Well ah, hmmm, where do I start…?" 'Roaming' used to mean to move about or travel aimlessly. Then in the early 90s, we were gifted with mobile p...
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4 tips for providing great customer service

The aim of this blog post is to explain the skills and techniques that I have learnt over the years as well as the way that I use them to provide great customer service. My background is actually in hotel management, and although this might sound worlds away from the roaming business, I find that many of the skills I learnt in my studies are applic...
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Comfone’s NOC Team in a nutshell

comfone-noc-laptop Comfone’s NOC Team in a nutshell
I really enjoy my job working as part of Comfone's NOC team because every day provides new challenges to overcome on behalf of our customers. We are exposed to a wide range of companies and different situations, keeping the job fresh and interesting. In case of any issue or request from any Comfone customer around the world, we are always available...
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Borderless Connectivity

5G is the fifth generation mobile communication standard, providing very high speeds with very low latency. As it becomes more embedded, it will change the world as we find it by bringing connectivity to billions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. This is set to revolutionize many tech areas such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics an...
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