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Comfone’s BCE solution

Comfone’s BCE solution, Phoenix, is a service designed to fully support the new standard processes defined by GSMA. The Phoenix team have unmatched experience and expertise within the industry. We are a qualified BCE provider, and were the first to launch live BCE connections for a Tier 1 European Mobile Group.

Phoenix offers all the required service layers to support the entire BCE process.

This includes:

⦁ Initial set-up
⦁ Testing with BCE partners
⦁ Full operation of BCE connections
⦁ Exchange and reconciliation of BCE charging documents
⦁ Real-time access to all BCE data and reports

Phoenix is ready to fly with you as soon as you feel ready.

How we serve our customers

Supporting wholesale billing and settlement models

Phoenix helps to support the evolution of your roaming business, through implementing the new BCE standards.
The process is designed to be more inter-working oriented, and provides more flexibility for coping with new roaming scenarios which are becoming more commonplace.

Helping with the monetisation of new technologies: 5G and M2M

5G, IoT and M2M require a sophisticated charging model for roaming, which cannot be supported by TAP. These innovative roaming scenarios, fully supported by BCE standards and by Comfone’s Phoenix service, represent the future of your roaming business and the opportunity to generate additional revenue streams.

Customer service

The Phoenix team supports you throughout the entire process, working with customised solutions and providing you with the flexibility that you require.
Based in Bern, we pride ourselves on delivering Swiss precision and a quality service to make the transition to BCE as seamless as possible.

Pioneering attitude

Comfone have been an industry shaper since 1997, designing a number of solutions in-house, which eventually became industry standards.
As an active participant in the GSMA’s working group, we are helping to define the BCE. This guarantees that our Phoenix service is compliant with the latest BCE standards.

Main Features

  • Reliable and Scalable
  • Real time
  • Flexible
  • Fully integrated

Phoenix has been designed for Big Data applications to cope with the expected traffic volumes that the IoT world will generate.

Phoenix grants real-time access to data, up to DDRs level. It always provides an up-to-date status of the operational workflow.

The process is no longer fixed to rigid timeframes like monthly invoice periods. It caters for a large variety of charging models, including those which are volume-based.

Phoenix is fully integrated in the Key2roam Platform and is visible on Pulse, Comfone’s online business portal. Here, it is seamlessly interfaced with other applications such as Financial Tracker and ePayments.


  • Phoenix


This app incorporates a number of features which can support you with your BCE connections. This includes:

  • DDR Tracing
  • Dynamic Reports
    • Traffic Aggregation Reports
    • BCE Processing Reports
    • IMSI Reports

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