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Comfone rated the best in the FC business again!

rocco fc 2016 piechartBased on ROCCO survey results from 149 operators in 127 countries, Comfone has for the 3rd year running been rated the best FC vendor worldwide.
Four vendors were considered in this survey but 47% of the 109 responders’ ratings concerned Comfone. This result offers a broad and therefore true representation of Comfone’s FC service performance and quality.



Comfone’s reputation, which has been reinforced in recent years by a steadily growing customer base, was close to a full point ahead of all other vendors. This was backed up by the most competitive exchange rates and the most sophisticated report integration on the market. Respondees also rated Comfone as the most reliable vendor.



With continued dedication to increasing transparency, Comfone came out as the most trusted vendor.
In addition, with a continued focus on developing e-Clearing services, the ROCCO survey awarded Comfone as the most innovative, and enabling FC supplier.



To wrap up, respondees were asked to provide an overall rating of each vendor. Comfone was identified as both the most well rated and well-known FC supplier worldwide. This result fortifies the foundation on which the vendor has significantly increased its market share in recent years.

Comfone would like to take this opportunity to express its sincere thanks to all operators who instil their trust in Comfone’s FC service and who took the time to complete the survey.




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