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Vladimir Pozniak
Sales Director Eurasia
Tel. +41 79 725 12 97
Giovanni Russiniello
Sales Director EMEA
Tel. +41 79 228 19 18

Rodney Gaines
Sales Director EUR
Tel. +41 79 343 62 75

Derek Moser
Director Business Development
Tel. +41 79 330 33 76

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8 - 11 April, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Never miss a termination deadline

Discount Agreements is a powerful web-based application used to support your IOT Discount Agreement management. Keep track of all your discount agreements, don’t miss any termination deadlines with automatic e-mail reminders, store all documents in a data repository and chat internally and externally with your roaming partners. This App also enhances the functionalities of Pulseforce and is the perfect fit with visROAM.




Gain complete transparency into your CDA transactions

Comfone’s Customer Dedicated Account (CDA) App, a sub app of the Financial Clearing App, provides Comfone’s Financial Clearing customers with direct access to the transactions reflected in their bank account at Credit Suisse.

The CDA App combines the transaction information collected directly from Credit Suisse with the financial clearing operational data related to each transaction, thus providing full transparency on each position in a user-friendly format with a great level of detail.




Based on real-time data from Comfone’s FC system

The administration of multiple accounts and currencies is one of the challenges of managing finance in the roaming department. Taking this challenge into account, Comfone’s Financial Tracker provides full transparency for every single Financial Clearing transaction based on real-time data from Comfone’s Financial Clearing system, combined with all of the data from Credit Suisse bank accounts.


Introducing ePayments

- Real-time handling of financial clearing payments


ePayments is the newest feature offered as part of the Financial Tracker app.


financial tracker home



Comfone Data Clearing
The Clearing Engine and the Key2roam Platform
Comfone's Key2roam Platform
The Key2roam Platform offers roaming and interworking connectivity to all GSM mobile network operators worldwide and an unlimited number of EAP-SIM enabled WiFi networks.
Through one connection to Comfone's Key2roam Platform you gain access to the complete service portfolio. Not only does Key2roam intelligently consolidate Comfone's services into a complete roaming solution, you can customise the Key2roam offering by selecting only the service layers you need based on your requirements.
The Key2roam Platform is based on an innovative high tech platform including various engines that allow state of the art automation and can therefore offer an unbeatable price for Swiss service quality.
Clearing Details
Figure 1: The Platform Engines
The Clearing Engine
Based on the latest IT infrastructure, the Clearing Engine is developed and maintained internally. Designed to fully support the GSMA standards, it grants a perfect inter-operability between Data, Financial and NRTRDE services. Furthermore, it can also work in combination with other DCHs or FCAs.
Data Clearing Systems and Features
Data Clearing Systems
Designed with customer’s needs in mind, Comfone DC System is designed to implement any customised process flow to manage roaming traffic according to specific scenarios.
To this extent, a set of features, basic and optional, that can be combined to create a customised Clearing Service Package to fully support the specific needs of the Customer. Swiss precision is what we aim to provide.
Clearing Details DC Sys
Figure 2: Comfone Data Clearing Processes
Data Clearing Features
  • Full TAP Validation, configurable for each relationship, granting high TAP data quality on private and public interface.
  • Full support of Rejects & Returns process (RAP), including Rap Dispute management.
  • Full set of additional features, like TAP Creation, Rating and Re-rating, Special Processing and Format Conversions



Global presence

Comfone has regional offices around the globe. Click here to find your regional representative.


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