ConneXion Bern 2019


ConneXion, hosted by Comfone, has grown to be one of the industry’s largest gatherings. We’re excited to welcome you in Switzerland from June 4th to 6th for ConneXion Bern 2019.

ConneXion Bern promises delegates three days jam-packed with top-of-the-line Academy trainings, Conference Sessions and Partner Presentations.

Use this unique opportunity to meet with Professionals from over 120 organisations spanning all continents including MNOs, MVNOs and IOT providers.

Don’t miss ConneXion Bern 2019, early bird registration is now open!


Ticketing System

The ticketing system is fully integrated into Pulse and helps to keep track about issues, requests and tasks. The system knows relevant information about users, operators and services. This helps to avoid human error, to be accurate and consistent with the data.

A ticket is characterized with three important attributes:

  1. Ticket-Type
  2. Priority
  3. Ticket-Status

All comments related to a ticker can be done via chat function, which also allows the uploading and downloading of documents. Whenever there is a change in the ticket, i.e. a new chat entry, a change of a detail field or add/remove team member, an automatic e-mail notification will be sent to the watchers defined in the team list.

Ticketing System Workflow

Figure 1: Ticket Workflow


Currently, there are two Ticket-Types available:

  • Incident
  • Inquiry

Three priorities are available:

  • Minor
  • Major
  • Critical

The ticket status shows the current state in the workflow:

  • Open
  • In Progress
  • Resolved
  • Closed



Service features


This function is used to post comments and to upload and download files. Each change in the ticket detail will generate an automatic entry in the chat.

Each post will generate an automatic e-mail notification to the watchers defined in the team list.

Pulse users, which have published their business card, can be notified individually by including their contact mention in the chat (e.g. @daniel).

The special contact mention @Team will notify all team members, independent of the Watch settings.

Ticket Details

In specific sections, detail information related to the ticket can stored.

A change of a detail field will generate an automatic e-mail notification to the watchers defined in the team list.


All previous uploaded attachments in the chatter, can be downloaded from a list of documents.


The team list defines the Pulse users getting an e-mail notification in case of a change of the related ticket (watcher).

The creator of the ticket as well as Comfone will be added automatically to the team list of each ticket.

Further members can be added individually to the team in order to enable/disable the e-mail notification.

chatter image

Figure 2: Chatter



Chat and exchange ideas

The Comfone Projects App allows users to interact in all relevant ongoing projects with Comfone. The app provides an overview of all open projects, a Chat function, document upload option and the possibility to add selected team members to each individual project.

The Comfone Projects App offers users the option to chat with team members from both the customer side and from the Comfone team. The chat function includes the possibility to send notification emails to project team members. The project owner can define who is in the project team by adding and removing members under the “Team” tab. Team members can also upload files and documents to the project which are then visible to the project team in both the chat feed and the “Documents” tab.




Instant Access to your Key2roam Platform Setup

The Key2roam Gateway is a key element of the Key2roam Platform and represents the technical infrastructure that facilitates all services. The app of the same name provides access to the Key2roam Gateway via Pulse.

key2roam platform

Figure 1: The Key2roam Gateway as key element of the Key2roam Platform



Access to Key2roam Gateway Configuration

Get insights on the optimised IR.21 / IR.85 database

Another great asset of the Key2roam Gateway App is the integrated access to the IR.21 / IR.85 database. Within the various tables you will find what is configured within our systems or be able identify a roaming partner in case you only have partial information at hand.

k2r gateway2

Figure 2: Connection Overview tab within the Key2roam Gateway App



A multitude of data and features at your fingertips

The Key2roam Gateway provides instant access to the current configuration of the network functions – the Key2roam Platform service engines. The App simplifies the Roaming Coordinators’ daily business by presenting the data in a user-friendly, easily accessible format, including but not limited to:

  • Connection status per partner network and service
  • Current setup based on optimised IR.21 data
  • List of barred IMSIs

In addition to that the App provides some helpful features that include:

  • Search functionality to lookup partner networks
  • Direct integration to other Apps e.g. Signalling Tracing



Quick Search and integrated Shortcuts

Get your questions answered within seconds

On the home page of the Key2roam Gateway App you will find a smart shortcut leading you directly to various available tools within the Pulse environment, providing deep insight into what you’ve been looking for. A key element of the site is the Quick Search function that allows users to perform a search for different network information and will guide them directly to the relevant data record in the IR.21 / IR.85 database or the corresponding roaming connection, if available.

k2r gateway2

Figure 3: Integration with Signalling Tracing App



Analyse your Setup

Connections – What is commercial and what is currently under implementation or testing?

The Key2roam Gateway App presents a global list of all networks that have a connection with your company via the Key2roam Platform. Using the filtering, sorting detail drill-down features on the grid allows users to quickly analyse their current setup and status of a particular connection.

k2r gateway4

Figure 4: Connection Overview tab within the Key2roam Gateway App



Charge, screen and track SMS sent to your subscribers

The Comfone SMS Gateway is an SMS Filtering and Firewall Solution. It is strategically hosted by Comfone in the SS7 Signalling-Cloud and can therefore be efficiently combined with Comfone’s International SS7 SCCP Signalling Service. This perfect combination alleviates any necessity to install a local onsite SMS Filtering solution, which typically includes high maintenance, expensive hardware with high CAPEX outlays.

Other features of the Comfone SMS Gateway include:

  • classification of A2P and P2P SMS traffic
  • creation of SMS Interworking Bulk Files for the direct feed to Comfone's Financial Clearing Service for SMS Interworking invoicing and settlement

The Comfone SMS Gateway Service is a Mobile Operator’s key to monetising A2P SMS traffic.

cash register




connexion register cta

ConneXion Bern 2019 – Registration



Event sessions and catering registration

Registering for the below sessions and catered events helps us with our planning. If your plans change after you register, please inform us.


Tuesday 4th June


Wednesday 5th June


Thursday 6th June

What past participants say about ConneXion

Image not available
Exceptional hosts!
Image is not available
I was truly impressed by the way Comfone delivered their presentations, it was really Informative and well presented. Overall the experience is one that I will never forget. We had good people, excellent food and exceptional hosts. Thank you very much.

Renan Bernard, Belize Telemedia
Image not available
Image is not available
Thanks again for the great memories.  I had a really good time. It was a pleasure to be the guest of such a wonderful company and the people who work there.

Eric Woody, Union Wireless
Image not available
Always a pleasure!
Thank you for great event and efforts. You always manage it so well! It’s always a pleasure to visit Comfone!

Elena Cherepukhina, Telna
Image not available
Image is not available
It was a pleasure to attend the Event and meet a very dynamic Comfone Team. The arrangement was superb. My heartily thanks to you. 

Shelvindra Prasad, Vodafone
Image not available
A class of its own!
Image is not available
I have attended quite a few seminars and workshops in the past but ConneXion was really in a class of its own.  My very special “Danke” to everyone at Comfone – you have a really wonderful team. It was quite an experience for me.

Mohammed Buari, MTN
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Guest speakers

speakers rocco

If you are looking for roaming insights and methodology to support strategic decision making, the ROCCO talk promises to provide shrewd intelligence into IoT, 5G, LPWA and eSiM as well as performance insights and research methodology.

speakers gsma

Our guest speaker from GSMA will be focusing on the evolution of billing and charging, particularly in NBIoT and 5G worlds. This fascinating talk will include information on new billing and charging processes and formats, as well as giving you the tools to proceed on the path to implementation.

speakers roamingwise

Are you new to roaming or looking to refresh the foundation of your roaming knowledge? Then our guest trainer Milja Hofman is running two sessions for you.

speakers tba

More guest speakers to be announced soon!

Come and meet our partners

Comfone has forged strategic partnerships with the following partner companies who will be present at ConneXion.

roamsmart logo

RoamSmart is one of the world pioneers in providing Roaming and Big Data Solutions to Mobile Operators by helping them proactively optimize workflows and monetize the existing roaming data.

roamsys logo

Roamsys’ products and services help mobile network operators and groups, alternative roaming providers (ARPs), clearing houses and roaming hubs to co-operate, share information, make decisions and be productive.

xintec logo

XINTEC are leading providers of cost-effective Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions to the communications industry. XINTEC is the supplier of choice for leading small and mid-sized companies globally.

infobip logo

Infobip, a global leader in providing messaging solutions is dedicated to being a trusted partner connecting you to a global messaging ecosystem and enabling brands to communicate with users.


roamability logo

Roamability offers low cost and seamless roaming solutions for MVNO´s and Mobile Carriers worldwide. Our multi-IMSI (DMI) platform technology provides international coverage with seamless transition between all types of networks (2G, 3G, 4G).

partitionware logo

Partitionware delivers innovation through API-Driven access to complex signalling in mobile networks, connecting mobile and internet domains. We manage all components of the service, allowing our partners to focus on growth.

simfony logo

Simfony Mobile is an IoT Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) delivering powerful M2M services as a stand-alone, cloud- based solution for Service Providers, MNOs and MVNOs.

sigos logo

Worldwide 1,000 leading communication companies trust SIGOS to ensure best mobile experience and service quality. Services include accurate billing and fraud management, best performing apps and other innovations.



connect2roam roamingwise logo

Roaming Strategy Consultancy, IOT negotiations support, retail proposition development and interim management and Roaming Business Training Modules.

qroam logo

The Qroam trading platform was developed to simplify the process of setting up and managing discount agreements for medium to smaller roaming volumes in an easier, more efficient and automated way.

ei logo

Evolved Intelligence boasts a unique distributed architecture and multi-tenanted technology to offer remote hosted applications with the minimum of implementation effort.


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