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Providing worldwide connectivity

The biggest roaming hub

Comfone’s Key2roam Roaming Hub is industry leading, combining a wealth of experience with technical expertise and unparalleled customer service to offer a premier Hubbing service.
Our Key2roam Roaming Hub has the largest coverage of any provider in the world. We are superior in the market, with more than 30,000 connections spanning over 480 operators located around the world. To put it into context, we have more connections and networks than all other Hubbing providers put together. This gives us an unmatched experience level within the industry, benefiting our customers with more connections, faster implementation, greater technical knowledge and excellent customer support.

How we serve our customers

Saving time, saving money

The ultimate aim of the Key2roam Hub is to save you time, which in turn will save money. We support you throughout your entire roaming business, from having a single agreement for launching connections, to being fully independent, to providing fast service and realistic delivery times. Find out more today!

A complete management tool

We have developed a complete set of roaming management tools, all included in our Key2roam Hub service. As a customer, you will automatically receive access to Pulse, our roaming management tool which includes a suite of apps to support and provide insights into your roaming business.

Launch connections quickly

Our technical capabilities mixed with our unparalleled level of experience means that we offer the fastest time to market for launching connections. With 30,000 connections in almost every single country in the world, you are able to launch in as quickly as one day if required. You can also achieve faster time to market for global VoLTE roaming deployment.

Dedicated Roaming Team

All Key2roam Hub customers have one dedicated point of contact, thanks to our team of Roaming Coordinators and Managers. They are based around the globe in order to provide support for customers in every time zone. They facilitate all changes, help develop roaming relationships and ensure that you can keep things simple. At Comfone, we speak over 40 languages, and support you in your mother-tongue wherever possible.

Main Features

  • 5G roaming
  • LTE and VoLTE roaming
  • Roaming Relations Management
  • Phoenix Key2roam

Our Key2roam Hub processes all roaming traffic, including 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, VoLTE, CAMEL. We have also recently completed new trials, meaning it is also possible to process 5G roaming traffic on the Key2roam Hub.

Alongside our more traditional MNO customer base, we are keeping up with all new trends and technologies in the market, and are currently onboarding new IoT/M2M (Machine-to-Machine) players as Key2roam Hub members.
We are proud to be pioneers in the roaming industry once again, and are paving the way to ensure Borderless Connectivity is already a reality.

We offer members the option of launching LTE and VoLTE data roaming relations with the same simplicity and principles as 2G and 3G data roaming, which helps to ensure faster time to market for deployment. The process is fully managed by one of our Roaming Coordinators, and includes organising the implementation, testing, launch letter and quality monitoring.

We pride ourselves on having great relationships with Operators around the world. This personal relationship, coupled with our unmatched expertise in the industry has led to the development of our Roaming Relations Management service.

We are perfectly placed to manage direct roaming relations, allowing you to increase roaming coverage without having to compromise resources. We provide a smart solution for anyone looking for a complete Roaming Management solution delivered by an experienced team that can quickly launch new operators and services.

We consider our Key2roam Hub customers to be part of an elite club. We are always looking for new ways to provide additional service benefits.

Our latest offering for Key2roam Hub members offers you added value, without adding complexity.

If you want to implement charging models that are not facilitated by TAP, but are not yet BCE-compliant, we can help!


  • Perform remote QoS tests
  • Manage discount agreements
  • Trace every CDR
  • Monitor your roaming network
  • Identify roaming issues

Qlab powered by Mobileum 

Is a smartly designed app allowing operators to perform remote QoS tests for their subscribers whilst they are roaming abroad, helping to improve the overall roaming experience of subscribers. It integrates the SIGOS GlobalRoamer system into Pulse using Restful API to deliver valuable information related to each test, notably PCAP and CDR.

Discount agreement

IOT Discount Management Tool

This app helps you stay organised by keeping all reports in one place. We inform you when your reports are updated, and when any new reports are delivered.

CDR Tracing

Trace every single CDR. Search and filter functions. Scalable and redundant Big Data warehouse. Powerful search engine.


The app allows you to monitor the condition of your roaming network based on individual or combined SS7, Diameter and GTP-C signalling transaction KPIs. Identify the status near real time. An interactive world map serves as the basis for analysis with thresholds and powerful drill-down functions.

Signalling Tracing Troubleshooting Tool

Query the signalling flow for a given subscriber and identify roaming issues.


Tests available

Voice Quailty
HTTP browser
Location update


Value added

QLab is a value added app, facilitating business growth and profitability by improving the quality of service and customer experience whilst reducing churn.



QLab is fully assimilated within Pulse and access is managed by the Pulse administrator within an organisation.


LTE ready

QLab fully supports 2G, 3G and LTE, and is fully integrated within both the Signalling Tracing and CDR Tracing apps.

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