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Comfone is a financially sound, experienced and trustworthy partner, with a long term, industry- shaping track record and strong GSM recognition.

Since our establishment in 1997, we have been instrumental in defining industry standards. This speaks to our decades of experience, knowledge and expertise in delivering consistently high-quality services. We aim to provide flexible, accurate and innovative tools to support our customers.

The Key2roam Platform currently boasts 600+ members. Our portfolio includes the core roaming services of IPX, Data Clearing and Financial Clearing, all of which are recognised as industry leading services with a focus on great customer care.

We also offer a full range of Hubbing services, with the Key2roam Roaming Hub as the world’s most connected Hub by far, a Roaming Relations Management Service as a complement to the Key2roam Hub allowing complete global coverage, as well as Sponsored Roaming Solutions. The world is our footprint and can become yours.

Our DMS and M2M End2End Monetisation service are the culmination of the Key2roam Platform, utilising all service layers to provide business intelligence to help you make the most of your roaming business.

In order for our Key2roam Platform to address absolutely all our customers’ needs, we create curated partnerships with companies specialised in deploying and managing specific Value Added Services.

A privately owned, family run business

We are a privately owned, family run company. In June 2020, Daniel Heutschi, Christoph and Marc Stadelmann took over the company shares from Geraldine Philippe, Walter Heutschi and Toni Stadelmann, the company founders.

With the second generation of family owners, the company continues to grow and develop without threat of external interference, keep working with the same entrepreneurial spirit, courage and wisdom that it is known for, with peace of mind for a secure future. We remain independent and neutral, without any group, investors or debt pressure.

The Executive Team

Our Executive Team combines a wealth of telecommunications and management experience. Each board member is committed to ensuring that they deliver the highest level of professionalism both toward Comfone’s growing customer base and through their style of management.

Our vision

Our vision is to ensure the freedom of mobile communication. We believe that connectivity should be borderless and easy, without limitations depending on people or device types. With our ever- increasing global footprint, innovative approach and willingness to work with new industry entrants and technologies, we will continue breaking down barriers to ensure that full connectivity is not just a vision or wish, but a reality.


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