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The Billing and Charging Evolution is here. Find out more about Comfone’s new Phoenix service.


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Comfone’s Clearing services deliver Swiss precision and quality for a fast, customer-oriented service. They are fully GSMA compliant, reliable and innovative, built with our customers in mind.

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Financial Clearing

Offering a technical and flexible approach combined with individual customer service.

Data Clearing

Delivering Swiss precision and quality for fast, customer oriented service.


Fully supporting the NRTRDE process and timeframes, whilst delivering a number of unique additional features.

Born out of the ashes of TAP, is Comfone’s response to the Billing and Charging Evolution. Fully integrated into Pulse, it ensures a secure ICT environment, granting access to real-time data. Phoenix relies upon fully automated workflows which can be dynamically defined, and is configured to support existing and upcoming use cases as defined by the GSMA.

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Pawel Manikowski
Pawel Manikowski
Play | TADIG expert

Comfone was extremely flexible and very easy to work with during the DC migration. Thank you!

Laeticia Nicolas
Laeticia Nicolas
Free | IR Manager

Comfone's DC & FC services have brought a year full of "zen" with everything being handled superbly by Comfone’s Teams and a Pulse Platform receieving constant innovations. Bravo!

 Cédric Dupont
Cédric Dupont
Sunrise | Accountant Revenue, CoS, Roaming

Fast service, very friendly support and Swiss reliability and accuracy makes Comfone as great as it gets!

Stéphanie Robert
Stéphanie Robert
Bouygues | International Account Manager

Comfone's FC team is very efficient and easy to work with.

Przemyslaw Blaszczyk
Przemyslaw Blaszczyk
Play | TADIG expert

Co-operating with the Comfone team during the Clearing migration was great! All issues on both sides were solved quickly and professionally.

ePayments for FC

Comfone offers FC customers access
to the ePayments function, allowing real-time handling of Financial Clearing Payments. Developed 100% in-house and fully customized to meet our customers’ needs.


Related apps


The roaming visualization tool for Comfone’s DCH, complete with an integrated IOT Discount simulation tool.

app screenshot visroam inbound
app screenshot visroam outbound

Financial Tracker

Provides insights into the complete financial statement based on real-time data:

  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Ledger report

Supports single and multi-network scenarios.

app screenshot financial tracker invoice accrued per partner
app screenshot financial tracker ledger tracing

RTDR Tracing

An interactive application that provides FC Customers with full transparency of the RTDR interface in between the acting DCH and Comfone’s FC environment.


Request Access to Pulse

Pulse, Comfone’s online business portal fully integrates the complete portfolio of services and apps. If you do not yet have access to Pulse, contact the Pulse administrator in your organisation or contact

For more information on how to set up Pulse, please check out this video.

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