Comfone – ranked global leader in IPX services

Comfone offers a complete portfolio of first class IPX roaming and interworking Services. Seamlessly integrated into the Key2roam Platform as part of your complete roaming services solution.



ipx rocco 2018Comfone – ranked global leader in IPX services

We are honoured to announce that the results of ROCCOs latest research report the “ROCCO IPX NETWORKS VENDOR PERFORMANCE REPORT 2018” has ranked Comfone, not only among the Tier one IPX vendors, but has awarded us with first place on the Tier one IPX Leader Board. We would like to extend an enormous thank you to the MNO’s that rated Comfone in the survey. It’s a pleasure working with and serving you. Additionally, we would like to thank ROCCO Research for contributing such great content and insights to our industry.

“ROCCO congratulates Comfone on it’s steady rise from a Tier 1 Vendor to the No1 IPX Vendor, clearly their performance is highly appreciated by MNOs globally” Jason Bryan, ROCCO RESEARCH CEO

SS7 Signalling

Superior Roaming Signalling Service for 2G/3G Roaming and SMS Messaging enabled mobile networks worldwide. Global reach to 1’000+ signalling destinations. SIGTRAN based SCCP and MTP SS7 Signalling protocol support and all IP access methods available including IPSec/Internet, private dedicated Leased Lines or private interconnections.

How do we serve you

Comfone’s IPX services offer superior quality SS7, Diameter / LTE, GRX and various monitoring tools tailored to the requirements of MNOs, MVNOs, Sponsored Roaming and IoT solution providers and more.

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International Roaming – Voice, SMS & Data in 2G, 3G and LTE VoLTE, SMS A2P SMS OTT Enablement OTT User Authentication

Sponsored Roaming

Services Providers

Multi-IMSI Services

Global Roaming Coverage



International Sponsored Roaming – Voice, SMS & Data in 2G, 3G and LTE VoLTE, HD VoIP RCS, SMS A2P SMS OTT Enablement OTT User Authentication


IoT Platform


Global Reach

LTE / Diameter Signalling

Superior Roaming Signalling Service with global reach to all LTE Roaming enabled mobile networks worldwide.
Diameter Routing and Edge Agent functionalities, such as topology hiding and IMSI based routing of S6a diameter messages, are all available.
IP access methods available including IPSec/Internet, private dedicated Leased Lines or private interconnections.



Monitor the condition of your roaming network based on individual or combined SS7, Diameter and GTP-C Signalling transaction KPIs. Identify the status in near real time.
app screenshot hawkeye map
app screenshot hawkeye grid


Gain secure access and best possible connectivity to all of your mobile data Roaming Partners though Comfone’s GRX / IPX services via flexible access methods.

signalling tracing

Signalling Tracing

An intuitive, near real-time tracing application used to analyse signalling transactions for SS7 (MAP, CAP), Diameter (S6a and S9), GTP-C and DNS via a single user interface.

Intelligently designed IPX Core Network

The core Comfone IPX network consists of a number of PoPs all interconnected with the highest grade service level and the lowest possible transmit delay times. The core is enhanced by an MPLS network, to which our customers are connected.

The below map is a visual representation of Comfone’s global IPX Connectivity.

For more information about Comfone’s IPX PoP Connectivity
sms gateway

SMS Gateway

Manage your SMS interworking traffic. Real-time, high availability analysis of Signalling traffic and screening of unwanted IW SMS.

IPX Partner VAS

Comfone offers a broad range of IPX VAS, some of which are accessible via our Partners. From Steering of Roaming (SoR) to Welcome SMS our open platform strategy ensures all your roaming needs are met.

steering of roaming

Steering of Roaming (SoR)

Maximise outbound roaming revenues and provide the best possible user experience by giving Mobile Network Operators the choice of which roaming partner network their own subscribers attach to whilst roaming internationally.
welcome sms

Welcome SMS

Benefit from reaching out to subscribers and informing them about tariff plans, commercial promotions and innovative services.

Global presence

Comfone has regional offices around the globe. Click here to find your regional representative.


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