LTE via the Key2roam Platform

Comfone’s Key2roam Platform now offers members LTE Signalling. Comfone's LTE Roaming Service coverage now covers 270 networks in more than 115 countries worldwide. Of these 270 networks, 47 of these have chosen Comfone as their LTE Signalling Carrier.

As one of the main elements of the Key2roam Platform, Comfone’s IPX Solution is the combination of IP network services management, Quality of Service Assurance mechanisms alongside provision of the access, transport and delivery of the IPX Services for LTE Roaming, which are the Diameter Signalling and the GRX Services.

Not only is the entire mobile network operator community reachable for LTE Roaming for your bilateral roaming relations, but also for the Key2roam Hub relations as well.

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Inside look at LTE Reporting

As part of Comfone’s standard LTE service, customers gain access to the Diameter Signalling App on Pulse. The App offers deep insights into Diameter Signalling data, roaming patterns and more. Click the below images to enlarge them to get an inside look.



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