Charge, screen and track SMS sent to your subscribers

The Comfone SMS Gateway is an SMS Filtering and Firewall Solution. It is strategically hosted by Comfone in the SS7 Signalling-Cloud and can therefore be efficiently combined with Comfone’s International SS7 SCCP Signalling Service. This perfect combination alleviates any necessity to install a local onsite SMS Filtering solution, which typically includes high maintenance, expensive hardware with high CAPEX outlays.

Other features of the Comfone SMS Gateway include:

  • classification of A2P and P2P SMS traffic
  • creation of SMS Interworking Bulk Files for the direct feed to Comfone's Financial Clearing Service for SMS Interworking invoicing and settlement

The Comfone SMS Gateway Service is a Mobile Operator’s key to monetising A2P SMS traffic.

cash register



Inside look at SMS Gateway

Comfone SMS Gateway customers gain access to Pulse, Comfone’s online business portal with advanced screening with white listing of allowed IW SMS relations, global Title and SMS originator based screening. Possibility to screen SMS containing alpha characters in source MSISDN, modern spam prevention techniques with MAP message correlation and TCAP handshake. Click the below thumbnail for an inside look into some of the available reports.



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