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Rated the best Roaming Hub worldwide since 2014, Comfone’s Roaming Hub offers excellent technical expertise, a superior market reputation, value for money, flexibility and transparency.

Boasting 480 networks and over 24´000 GSM connections, the Key2roam Roaming Hub is the best option available in the market today.


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LTE Roaming Hub

The Key2roam Hub offers members the option of launching LTE data roaming relations with the same simplicity and principles as 2G and 3G data roaming. It is managed by a Comfone roaming coordinator that organizes the implementation, testing, launch letter and quality monitoring.

VoLTE Roaming Hub

Our experts look forward to supporting operators in achieving faster time to market for global VoLTE roaming deployment.
If you’re interested in a customised plan for the fast rollout of VoLTE with your Key2roam Hub roaming partners



Sophie Chiesa
Sophie Chiesa
Bouygues Telecom | Roaming Account Manager

We have worked with the Key2roam Roaming Hub for several years. It is been a welcome complement to direct relationships for us, allowing swift launches and extra coverage that would have been difficult to achieve in-house. I particularly appreciate the hassle-free testing procedures, and the overall safe and carefree feeling provided by the service.

Kudos to the Key2roam hubbing team – always helpful and efficient, and consistently topping that off with friendliness. It is one thing to make it work – it’s another to make it a pleasure for customers.

Walid Amri
Walid Amri
Orange Tunisie

With these few words, I want to express all my gratitude to the whole Comfone team, and especially to Ms Katherine Buschang who has always been there where I needed her support.
You are great colleagues and I am really happy to work with people like you.
If my words count for some, I will recommend you on a large scale.

Azim Alipin
Azim Alipin
Unified National Networks (UNN) Sdn Bhd | International Roaming Support Agent

Thanks to Key2roam, as a newcomer using this platform, it’s been fascinating to have this platform as it helps to speed up our process to launch more operators by few clicks away with the support from the Key2roam Hub team who are very helpful and deploy our launch based on our timeline.

Diego Aguirre
Diego Aguirre
Melita | Senior Wholesale Executive

I had the opportunity to be a Key2Roam hub customer from two different companies in two different continents. I must say that the quality of service is undeniable. Key2Roam delivers a “time-to-market” advantage to your rollout process with a great team behind, simple processes and excellent tools.

Surender Muddam
Surender Muddam
Sky | IREG Test Analyst

Key2Roam Hub has seamlessly helped us to expand our International Roaming footprint while maximizing the network effectiveness with a suite of intelligence tools and reports. The knowledge we have gleaned in terms of training, assessment, testing skills and operational procedures has revolutionized the way in which we operate and how we deliver our roaming services via Key2Roam Hub. In addition, our Roaming Coordinator Katherine, has be invaluable in assisting us with end to end service delivery.

Abimbola Adekoya
Abimbola Adekoya
Glo Nigeria | Roaming Manager

Thanks to you, our roaming coverage has grown steadily and has led us to become leaders. We appreciate the efforts of the Key2roam team and look forward to continue our business relationship with Comfone in the years to come.

Teerapat Tarugsa
Teerapat Tarugsa
DTAC | Roaming Assistant Manager

The Key2roam Hub helps us to connect to the roaming world easily and quickly!

Mateja Sonc
Mateja Sonc
Telekom Slovenije | International Carrier Services

Being a member of the Key2roam Hub has sped up the launching of new relations and extended our roaming footprint significantly. The Comfone team is a pleasure to work with.

Dilgent Mmbaga
Dilgent Mmbaga
Smart Mobile Tanzania | Roaming & International

Our gratitude goes to the extensive support we are receiving from Comfone's Key2roam team. Their dedication to extending our reach to many countries is seamless.

Spiridoula Nikolaou
Spiridoula Nikolaou
COSMOTE | Roaming Marketing Department

Comfone has helped us to expand our roaming footprint around the world with minimum effort and very good collaboration. Today our outbound coverage has exceeded our expectations and we have helped provide high quality roaming to our corporate customers travelling around the world without limits.

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Innovation is key
We´ve developed a complete set of Roaming Management tools that are included in the Key2roam Hub service

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