Key2roam Platform
Taking integration and consolidation to a new level

Interconnection. Synchronisation. Transparency.

Comfone offers the complete portfolio of core services, value added services and apps required to build a profitable roaming business.

When consolidated, these services offer global connectivity and form a comprehensive roaming solution:


The Key2roam Platform

comfone key2roam platform

The Key2roam Platform core services

The Key2roam Platform is built upon Comfone’s core IPX and Clearing services enabling the seamless transport of your Signalling, Data and Clearing traffic.

Comfone’s core IPX and Clearing services have consistently been named the best in the market thanks to continued innovation and superior service quality.

IPX services

Comfone offers a complete portfolio of first class IPX roaming and interworking Services including SS7 and Diameter/LTE Signalling, GRX/IPX and a wide range of VAS and apps.

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Clearing services

Comfone’s Clearing services incorporate Data Clearing, Financial Clearing, NRTRDE and a range of VAS and apps. Benefit from guaranteed Swiss Precision and Quality and 100% GSM compliance.

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Pulse demo

Gain full transparency of your roaming business with Pulse

Key2roam Platform customers are granted access to Pulse, Comfone’s sophisticated online reporting tool, which offers them the freedom to monitor, analyse and enhance their roaming business performance.
The Key2roam Platform
and Big Data analytics
Combining all sources of core service
data offers valuable insights into both the
operational and commercial performance
of your roaming business via user-friendly,
interactive apps.

Comfone’s state-of-the-art
Data Management Service,
seamlessly integrated into the Key2roam Platform
is your solution to future growth
and increased profitability of your roaming business.

The Key2roam Platform VAS & apps

The Key2roam Platform offers a wide range of Value Added Services and applications either designed by our developers or via a number of trusted 3rd party partners.

Comfone’s strategy of integrating third party apps via the Key2roam Platform ensures our customers needs are met and that they can select their preferred third party supplier based on very specific requirements.


app iquery


app jaspersoft


app profiler


app pulseforce


app vantage


Key2roam Platform for IoT

The Key2roam Platform now acts as a wholesale solution integrator for operators and new industry players, notably Internet of Things providers.


Key2roam Hub – the worlds biggest roaming hub

Seamlessly integrated into the Key2roam Platform, Comfone’s Roaming Hub offers first class technical expertise, a superior market reputation, value for money, flexibility and transparency.

Boasting more than 450 connected networks, the Key2roam Hub is the best option for fast tracked global roaming coverage available in the market today.

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Key2roam Platform for Sponsored Roaming

Sponsored Roaming ensures a rapid time-to-market for the launch of international roaming services for MNOs and MVNOs. With instant access to a global roaming coverage for Voice, SMS and Data Services, including LTE


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