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The Key2roam Platform
Taking consolidation and integration to a new level

Bringing together what belongs together

The Key2roam Platform offers ONE integrated roaming solution for your bilateral and hub relations and presents the perfect interconnection, synchronisation and transparency between the service layers, including Signalling, GRX, Financial Clearing, Data Clearing & NRTRDE and roaming management services.

500+ members are connected to the Key2roam Platform today. The platform offers roaming and interworking connectivity to all GSM mobile network operators worldwide.

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Inside look at the Key2roam Platform

Comfone Key2roam Platform members gain access to Pulse, Comfone’s online business portal with advanced roaming and interworking connectivity to all GSM mobile network operators worldwide and to a growing number of EAP-SIM enabled Wi-Fi networks.



Key2roam Platform videos

Below you will find some more detailed information about how the Key2roam Platform works and the benefits operators gain from being members. Video 1 is a beginners introduction to the Key2roam Platform, Video 2 gives a more detailed insight into the service layers. The Key2roam Platform Services Layers figure, offers an overview of the services layers available for purchase.



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