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Sponsored Roaming facilitates a rapid time-to-market for the launch of international roaming services for MNOs and MVNOs. With instant access to a global roaming coverage for Voice, SMS and Data Services, including LTE where available, a Sponsored Roaming Solution alleviates the necessity for lengthy negotiations with numerous partners.



Simple setup powered by the Key2roam Platform

The Signalling, Data Roaming, Data Clearing and Financial Clearing service data flows between the Sponsored Roaming Service Provider, the customer and the rest of the international roaming community are all processed and delivered via Comfone’s Key2roam Platform. This setup facilitates complete integration, transparency and consolidation of all service layers and roaming data. As part of our 3rd party Partner App program, Comfone has built strategic partnerships with a number of Sponsored Roaming Services Providers to provide Dual and Multi-IMSI Sponsored Roaming Solutions, which offer not only full global coverage, but also very competitive roaming tariffs.

By contracting one of Comfone’s partners, the implementation and operation of a complete Sponsored Roaming Solution is simplified and the operator reaps the benefits of a totally integrated solution.

The combination of Comfone’s Key2roam Platform and our 3rd party Sponsored Roaming App enables customers to launch a retail roaming proposition immediately while building upon the roaming revenues by negotiating direct roaming relationships either bilaterally or via the Comfone Key2roam Roaming Hub.

key2roam platform

Figure: Comfone’s Key2roam Platform setup. “Sponsored Roaming” represented by the “Sponsored Partners” element.



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