Comfone's Big Data Processor

Comfone introduced a new service into the market that is based on processing of big data of various roaming layers. The service is based on a snapshot on a defined period of time where data from the SS7 Signalling and Data Clearing are correlated and aggregated on an IMSI per day level.

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Deep insights into your roaming business

Identify the different segments and profiles of your inbound and outbound roamers with this value added service. Recognise your silent roamers and take measures to get more active roamers and grow your business. Visualize the segmentations of your roamers like surfers, receivers, messengers, potentials and high value users with patterns. Together with Comfone, develop tailor-made queries and powerful reports to empower your targeted marketing and sales campaigns. The current form of this app consists of an CSV export of the correlated data over the snapshot period in combination with a custom report in PDF format.


Comfone makes use of an interactive worldmap to present that deep insight that are gained from the correlation of SS7 signalling and Data Clearing data. A typical heat map of silent data roamers is shown in Figure 1 where countries market in dark red show a huge potetial to be exploited.

Customer segmentation normally leads to huge lists with various indicators that are at the end not easy to use for analytical process. In order to simplify this and make the segmenation of your roaming subscriber visual we normalise and correlate the data and represent is using a bubble diagram as shown in Figure 2.



Some further information about segments

The "Silent Roamer" subscriber segment among is typically the most known in the market, but it does not necessarily reveal the biggest revenue potential. Therefore Comfone started to investigate into the specific behaviours and patterns of roamers in order to group them accordingly. In many cases those segments can only be properly identified and analysed when data from SS7 Signalling and Data Clearing is available on a per IMSI level. The list below provides some examples of subscriber segmentation and potential actions that an operator may implement for those groups.

Silent Data Roamers
  • Subscribers using Voice and SMS Service, but no Data
  • On the SS7 Signalling layer it can be seen that the device successfully registered to the network
  • An operator can try to reduce their “bill-shock-fear” by simple and transparent data options (or make them aware of those) and motivate to use data roaming services
Guarded Roamers
  • Guarded Roamers are subscribers that are basically a sub-segment of Silent Roamers as they do not use roaming services
  • For this particular group it can be seen on the SS7 Signalling layer that people try to call them, but they do not pick-up the calls
  • An operator may try to reduce their “bill-shock-fear” by explaining the pricing of the roaming service and move them in a profitable subscriber segment
Permanent Roamers
  • Permanent Roamers are generally a small, but very profitable segment that an operator should take special care of
  • Subscribers in that group are roaming over the entire timespan of the snapshot period and use the roaming services on the different networks available
  • An operator may offer a special package to such a subscriber before they’re buying a local SIM card



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