Ticketing System

The ticketing system is fully integrated into Pulse and helps to keep track about issues, requests and tasks. The system knows relevant information about users, operators and services. This helps to avoid human error, to be accurate and consistent with the data.

A ticket is characterized with three important attributes:

  1. Ticket-Type
  2. Priority
  3. Ticket-Status

All comments related to a ticker can be done via chat function, which also allows the uploading and downloading of documents. Whenever there is a change in the ticket, i.e. a new chat entry, a change of a detail field or add/remove team member, an automatic e-mail notification will be sent to the watchers defined in the team list.

Ticketing System Workflow

Figure 1: Ticket Workflow


Currently, there are two Ticket-Types available:

  • Incident
  • Inquiry

Three priorities are available:

  • Minor
  • Major
  • Critical

The ticket status shows the current state in the workflow:

  • Open
  • In Progress
  • Resolved
  • Closed



Service features


This function is used to post comments and to upload and download files. Each change in the ticket detail will generate an automatic entry in the chat.

Each post will generate an automatic e-mail notification to the watchers defined in the team list.

Pulse users, which have published their business card, can be notified individually by including their contact mention in the chat (e.g. @daniel).

The special contact mention @Team will notify all team members, independent of the Watch settings.

Ticket Details

In specific sections, detail information related to the ticket can stored.

A change of a detail field will generate an automatic e-mail notification to the watchers defined in the team list.


All previous uploaded attachments in the chatter, can be downloaded from a list of documents.


The team list defines the Pulse users getting an e-mail notification in case of a change of the related ticket (watcher).

The creator of the ticket as well as Comfone will be added automatically to the team list of each ticket.

Further members can be added individually to the team in order to enable/disable the e-mail notification.

chatter image

Figure 2: Chatter



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