Roaming Management System

Pulseforce, collaboration made simple

Pulseforce, Comfone’s Roaming Management System, offers roaming managers a solution whereby they can manage Roaming Partners and their networks with ease. Within one single database, a roaming relation can be tracked from agreement contracting to service implementation. Leave the battle of using multiple excel sheets and tools behind you. Everything is consolidated online, simplifying the collaboration and communication among teams.


pulseforce dashboard

Pulseforce dashboard


Embedded into Pulse, the Roaming Management application is linked to your Pulse setup, displaying live data from Comfone’s services.



Pulseforce Roaming Management System
Alain Orschel
Alain Orschel
Service Manager Pulseforce

With Comfone’s Roaming Management System you can maintain your own data which is accessible for multiple teams. This powerful and fully customisable tool makes Roaming Management simple and user-friendly. In collaboration with a tier one operator, we built a dynamic app, bringing another dimension to Pulse.

Centralised, customisable database

Pulseforce allows users to store data in one centralised, customisable database. The system’s application has the flexibility to adapt to ongoing changes both within an organisation and in the industry at large. The Roaming Management System comes with a dedicated backend to manipulate the setup. An unlimited number of columns can be added, supporting simple text, numbers and much more. Access to the backend is controlled by setting read/write permissions for different user groups.



Powerful reporting

Pulseforce comes with customisable, default views, which can be copied and shared. Unlike other tools, Pulseforce allows users to edit data directly within a report. Connection, Relation and Account Views can be used to export a set of data or to simplify the system interface.

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