Sponsored Roaming
Providing the coverage you need

Instant global roaming coverage for your subscribers

Comfone’s Sponsored Roaming solution offers MNOs and MVNOs the opportunity to increase low or non-existent international roaming coverage by utilizing the international roaming coverage of an existing, established network (i.e. the “Sponsoring Network”).


Bridge the gap to global coverage

Avoid the hassle of building a roaming network from scratch and offer your mobile subscribers access to international roaming services with immediate global coverage.

independent neutral

100% independent & neutral

The Dual- or Multi-IMSI Sponsored Roaming Solutions available for MVNOs in the market are typically provided with one or more pre-packaged sponsoring IMSI profiles.

This full solution suits the needs of some of our customers, whereas others prefer to choose their IMSI Sponsoring Partner Networks themselves and build their own Sponsored Roaming Solutions.

As an independent and neutral Sponsored Roaming Solutions Provider, Comfone helps our customers integrate with any Dual- or Multi-IMSI Services provider or any individual IMSI Sponsoring/Sponsored Partner Networks.

Generate more wholesale revenue with existing assets

Are you an MNO and interested in leveraging your existing roaming coverage assets by becoming a sponsor of other networks?
We actively integrate MVNO’s with their chosen sponsoring network partners.


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