Staying positive during a pandemic

March 2021 marks a year since Switzerland first locked down to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

A lot has changed in this time, and we have all had to find new ways to cope. For me, I have learnt to accept the situation, and do the best with what I have got. Positive thinking has been vital!

In this blog I will share the good things that I have discovered during this strange and unusual period. 

Spending more time with loved ones


Firstly, since working from home I have enjoyed spending more time with my family.

I used to commute to work every day, which meant that I lost precious time in the day with my loved ones.

Now that I work at home, I can start my working day earlier, and enjoy lunch with my family.

Taking the opportunity to innovate

Filing Cabinet

I work in the Finance team at Comfone, and we have certainly noticed many changes since we started working from home.

Home Office does not mean ‘holiday’ or ‘slow down’, and actually we have taken this opportunity to be innovative.

We have found that our organisational skills have improved.

The team has been able to automate certain areas, and we have created new procedures by thinking outside of the box.

In the past, we did things in a certain way which relied on a lot of repetitive, paper-heavy processes. It was not practical to continue these practises at home, so we altered our method which has increased our efficiency and cut down on paper-usage.

The whole company has overcome new challenges during this period. 

Supporting others


We recognised the needs of our customers, and have created new products and services, such as Phoenix for BCE and M2M End2End Monetisation to help our customers find new revenue streams.

We could not host our annual ‘ConneXion’ events in Bern so we have worked hard to reach out to customers in different ways, producing a number of videos to share our services, and keeping in touch with video calls, emails and the occasional office visit to offices whenever we are able. 

Supporting others


As well as taking steps to help our customers, we have also used this opportunity to look inwardly.

Many teams have taken steps to make their own working processes more streamlined, just as we have in the Finance team.

Our IT team have also rolled out new laptops to each and every staff member, which helps us to do our work more efficiently. 

Taking on the challenge

Challenge accepted

With new challenges you can grow as a team, and help each other in any way that you can.

Although our work conditions have changed, we maintain a great work-life balance, and Comfone has showed how much they trust their employees to work despite the new distance between us.

I feel that I have a new appreciation for my team, my colleagues and my company for managing to carry on improving despite these new obstacles.

I definitely look forward to meeting everyone in person again in good health when it’s safe to do so!

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About the author

Stefan Aemmer

Stefan is Comfone's Accountant/ Controller.

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