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Are you prepared for the “sunset” of 2G & 3G networks?

In the next couple of years, entire countries and increasing numbers of operators are anticipating the shut down of their 2G and 3G networks.


First countries announce the shutdown of networks

Taiwan and South Korea expect to shut down their legacy networks by the end of this year, becoming the first countries without 2G & 3G networks. AT&T USA expects to close their 3G network in February 2022 and 2G & 3G networks will no longer be available for nationwide USA operators from this date. Please find the complete list of network shutdown on the GSMA website: https://infocentre2.gsma.com/roaming/Pages/Network-Closures.aspx


Are you compliant?

Where you do not currently support the VoLTE service, voice calls will no longer be available for your subscribers when roaming abroad. This in turn will have a huge impact on the user experience, affecting subscriber satisfaction. It will also render you non-compliant for regulatory requirements such as emergency calling and legal interception.

With this in mind, it’s important to move fast in order to keep service continuity for your subscribers when roaming abroad.


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Key2roam Hub: offering smart solutions

Comfone’s Key2roam Hub is the most cost effective way to launch new operators and services. We help to ensure a smooth transition for continuous service.

Reliance JIO, the largest operator in India and LTE-only network has unmatched experience in testing and launching VoLTE services. They are the Key2roam Hub Test Network for VoLTE services and will be delighted to test this service with your network. This will help you to rollout the service in a timely manner, which ensures that your roaming service remains unaffected.

Verizon Wireless USA, another LTE-only network is also very interested in expanding a VoLTE service. This is set to include inbound roaming in USA.


Testing phase

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Global presence

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