Key2roam Platform

Intelligently combining
SS7 and Diameter Signalling
VAS and Apps

New Hawkeye App with integrated Signalling Tracing

Manage the condition of your roaming network based on individual or combined SS7, Diameter and GTP-C signalling transaction KPIs.
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Best Clearing House worldwide!

The latest ROCCO Consulting FC and DC Survey results
are in and for the second year running, Comfone has been
rated the number one Clearing House worldwide!

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The Comfone IPX - a multi-service transport network

The Comfone IPX provides a multi-service transport network for international roaming and interworking traffic such as SS7/SIGTRAN Signalling, GRX Data Roaming and LTE DIAMETER Signalling among others.

IPX Backbone PoPs

300+ networks live on Key2roam Hub

Voted the best worldwide in 2014, Comfone's Key2roam Hub now offers access to 300+ member networks worldwide.


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Contact us

Comfone's global presence provides our international customer base with local knowledge personalised service. Click on a regional office below to view the contact details of your local representatives.


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