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Sophisticated Big Data Management

Comfone’s Data Management Service (DMS) is the logical evolution of the Key2roam Platform. It utilises Big Data to provide insights into both the operational and commercial performance of a customer’s roaming network.

Our state-of-the-art Data Management Service provides the business intelligence required for future growth and increased profitability of roaming businesses.

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How we serve our customers

Tailor made solutions

Our DMS experts act as consultants.
We follow your journey from beginning to end, maintaining a strong relationship to ensure the best possible results.
Our expertise spans both technical and business matters to help you make the best decisions for your roaming business.

Focus on results

DMS is heavily results-oriented, with the team employing a SCRUM mentality to ensure success.
We work on a case-by-case basis, and pride ourselves on our flexible working style and adaptability.
This style suits the DMS, as we are an agile team, ready to take on new challenges.

Seamless support for customers

Comfone’s focus on integration and collaboration means that DMS is fed by other Comfone services, such as IPX and DC.
If you are a current Comfone customer, expect seamless support and fast deployment.
If you are not a Comfone customer, you are still able to benefit from our custom-made solutions. The DMS team utilise your Big Data from any source to find your business potential.

Value added service

DMS is the jewel in the crown when it comes to your roaming business.
Although not a core service, it brings unparalleled value.
Our experts guide you through the process, using their industry-wide knowledge to understand your unique requirements and eventually help you increase your roaming revenues.

Main Features

We support each customer on a case-by-case basis, as each customer has a unique business. We start by identifying the potential, then work on customised solutions for increasing revenue.

Do you know how many of your customers are buying local subscriptions whilst abroad?
Take control of your roaming business and capture new revenues by identifying your silent roamers.
Grow your roaming business by identifying and then targeting silent roamers. Develop tailor-made queries and powerful reports to empower your marketing and sales campaigns.

How many of your customers are buying cheaper SIM cards from other countries and using them locally?
Establish a fair roaming policy on your network and monitor your partners’ Permanent Roamers.
Manage your discount agreements with accuracy by leveraging the precision of your Permanent Roamers reports.

Do you know where you make the most profit?
Get the most out of your business by understanding the types of roamers on your network.
Drill down further into your roaming business to understand where your money is coming from, and identify gaps in profit.

M2M devices use low latency to piggyback on roaming services. Do you know how many are already on your network?
Can you separate between profitable IoT traffic and unprofitable M2M devices?
Comfone can help you to keep up with the shift in paradigm. Identify M2M devices on your network and monitor the network resources to monetise this segment.

In a standard roaming scenario, 80% of calls are made to the home country, some are local calls and very few are international.
In a Sponsored Roaming scenario, most of the calls will be international, some will be local and very few are made to the “home” country.
Comfone identifies and gives visibility to all of the Sponsored Roaming occuring in your network.



Utilise this comprehensive Vantage point to observe your important business KPIs. Stay on top of your roaming business with this app. An interactive world map displays all critical issues. Define your own thresholds to get automated notifications.


Define your own queries to access the CDR, Signalling, IMSI and other Data Marts to create your own Data Marts. You don’t need to be a SQL expert. Simply build your own queries within the integrated GUI. For further analysis, use the Pulse apps or export the data (Excel, csv). All is fully embedded within Comfone’s Data Management Service.


The app allows you to monitor the condition of your roaming network based on individual or combined SS7, Diameter and GTP-C signalling transaction KPIs. Identify the status near real time. An interactive world map serves as the basis for analysis with thresholds and powerful drill-down functions.

Signalling Tracing

Query the signalling flow for a given subscriber and identify roaming issues.


Do you need better negotiating power? Shine a Spotlight on your Big Data, through uniquely tailored dashboards. Visualise, forecast and analyse your Big Data with the integration of sophisticated AI technology.

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