Sponsored Roaming Solution

Providing the coverage you need

Instant global roaming coverage for your subscribers

Comfone’s Sponsored Roaming solution offers MNOs and MVNOs the opportunity to increase low or non-existent international roaming coverage by utilising the international roaming coverage of an existing, established network (i.e. the ‘Sponsoring Network’).

Our Sponsored Roaming solution supports both the sponsored and sponsoring counterparts.

For MNOs acting as a sponsor. If you are looking for new revenue streams, we are here to facilitate the connection between you as a Sponsor and your partner MVNOs and IoT MVNOs. 
Acting as a facilitator to help you find a partner.

For MVNOs. Such as consumers or IoT/M2M. Helping you to increase your roaming coverage.
One benefit of our service, as independent and neutral, means creating opportunities for you to bring your ideal sponsor for a seamless connection using our ecosystem. 
Acting as a facilitator to help you find a sponsor.

How we serve our customers

Grow your roaming footprint quickly

Avoid the hassle of building a roaming network from scratch and offer your mobile subscribers access to international roaming services with immediate global coverage.
These integration services enable immediate roaming relations, to allow you to grow your roaming footprint quickly across the world.

Seamless integration

Comfone brings CSPs together through the IPX ecosystem.
Comfone acts as an intermediate between CSPs, providing technical infrastructure and trustworthy services to allow you to connect.

100% independent and neutral

As an independent and neutral Sponsored Roaming Solutions Provider, Comfone helps you integrate with any Dual or Multi-IMSI services provider, or any individual IMSI sponsoring/ sponsored partner networks.

Generate more wholesale revenue with existing assets

Comfone actively integrates MVNOs with their chosen sponsoring network partners to help leverage existing roaming coverage assets. 

How it works

Comfone’s Sponsored Roaming solution offers various options depending on the customer’s requirements.


Bring your own sponsor

As the integration service provider, Comfone assimilates the Sponsor and the Sponsored network. 
Select your preferred partner and allow Comfone to take care of the integration on your behalf.


Gateway functions

The Sponsored Roaming technical support platform, powered by the Key2roam Gateway, optimizes your technical setup by reducing data traffic latency APN Correction and much more!


End-to-end solution

Connect with one of our existing  trusted Sponsored Roaming Partners and provide your subscribers with immediate worldwide roaming coverage

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